10 MCU Characters Who Could Use She-Hulk As Their Lawyer

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Starring Tatianna Maslany in the title role of Jennifer Walters, Bruce Banner’s cousin and top lawyer, She-Hulk: Lawyer will show his new life as the titular superhero. In the series, She-Hulk will lead a new superhuman law division.

Some characters have already been confirmed to appear or return to the MCU in the show, while the appearances of others remain the stuff of fan theories and conjecture. Regardless of whether they are listed She-Hulk: Lawyer or not, certain MCU characters would definitely benefit from having She-Hulk as their lawyer.


Bruce Banner

Considering all his problems, his turn as a superhero, and the fact that she’s his cousin, Bruce probably has Jennifer on speed dial. It has never been resolved if he ever faced any criminal repercussions from Abomination’s destruction of Harlem in The Incredible Hulknor his participation in the battle of New York a the avengers.

It seems that being part of the Avengers and saving the world from an alien invasion can help you get out of the outstanding orders. However, since she will need help understanding her new powers, she may need hers from the legal side in She-Hulk: Lawyer if his past comes back to bite him.

Abomination (Emily Blonsky)

Shang Chi Abomination redesigned by Tim Roth

After its reintroduction to Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten RingsEmil Blonsky, a.k.a. Abomination, is finally back, and it looks like he’ll be putting a big spotlight on She-Hulk: Lawyer. It’s already been confirmed that she’ll be hiring She-Hulk as her lawyer, but not why. Wong is on his side, so it will likely be for his release after spending more than a decade in a high-security prison or at least some deal that could reduce his sentence.

Interestingly, this deal could have massive implications, as it could involve him joining a government-sanctioned group of reformed villains and anti-heroes in the thrones. It’s still a mystery what kind of team the Thunderbolts will be — they could be a secret team of villains masquerading as heroes or an attempt to replicate and supplant the Avengers — but Abomination will surely be involved.

Happy Hogan

Happy Hogan on the plane in Spider-Man: Far From Home

While Jennifer Walters is at the helm of the new Superhuman Law Division, some regular people could use her help, too. This would include Eleanor Bishop, Justin Hammer and even Happy Hogan. As explained in Spider-Man: No Way Home by Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil, another superhero and lawyer), Happy needs a different lawyer.

The inclusion of John Favreau in She-Hulk: Lawyer has not been confirmed, but would surely be a welcome sight for many fans. Whether it’s a surprise cameo or a simple comment that references him, it would be nice to know what Happy was up to at the time. However, the placement of the show in the timeline could complicate this. There is a rumor that he could be settled in a big way during the Blip, which would limit his need for a lawyer.

Hellcat (Trish Walker)

Trish Walker, aka Hellcat, in the Season 3 finale of Jessica Jones

With Matt Murdock back and ready to take center stage reckless fourth season and even Spider-Man: Year One, perhaps the same will be the case for other popular characters from the former Netflix series. Some fan theories about She-Hulk: Lawyer, suggests that the show could bring back Kristen Ritter as Jessica Jones. If that’s the case, it could also bring in Trish Walker, Jessica’s adoptive sister turned crazed vigilante, Hellcat.

His story a Jessica Jones ended with her being sent to the Bassa, the prison for people with superpowers, as shown Captain America: Civil War. Since Hellcat is a classic Marvel character, they’d probably want to bring her in and bring her back to her heroic ways. She-Hulk could help with this by serving as a defense.

Luke Cage

Luke Cage Season 2 Finale Mike Colter

Another Netflix character who could use She-Hulk’s legal assistance is Luke Cage. the show, Luke Cage, ended on an interesting note with Luke becoming the new ruling crime lord of Harlem, having been left the Harlem paradise in Mariah Dillard’s will. He chose to accept and continue to protect Harlem by trying to control crime. In the meantime, she might have gotten into more trouble and thus She-Hulk entered.


There are many fan theories about how to reintroduce these MCU characters, such as bringing Luke back for thrones, echo, or a Heroes for Hire program. Regardless, Mike Colter still has a better chance of returning than other Netflix characters, and if he does, She-Hulk could be there to help.

Ghost (Ava Starr)

The last audience saw Ava Starr, aka Ghost, was on the run from the authorities with Bill Foster at the end of Ant-Man and the Wasp. Their fates were left ambiguous as Hope, Hank and Janet disappeared from Thanos’ essence and Scott was left in the Quantum Zone. They were going there to look for particles to help treat his disease, and because they couldn’t get it, his life was in danger. For his own sake, he hopefully got out of the way, but if he didn’t, it would be interesting to know how he survived those five years.

Ava was once an agent and assassin for SHIELD, or rather HYDRA since they were really pulling her strings. In addition to their actions a Ant-Man and the Wasp he was probably involved in some horrific events, and maybe even some war crimes. As such, he would desperately need a lawyer so he can finally go live his life.

Mrs. Marvel (Kamala Khan)

Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel paved the way for an exciting future in the MCU. Naturally and most importantly, the show finally introduced mutants to the MCU (or at least the first time the word mutation was used in this context). Throughout the series, Kamala Khan discovered more about her heritage and identity, all while dealing with the struggles of teenage life.


Along the way, he had to deal with Damage Control, which could end up leading to the MCU’s Sentinel program. Since she went up against a government agency regardless of public opinion, Ms. Marvel is definitely not someone the Feds will be fans of. He could be asked to sign the Sokovia Accords, if they are still a thing, and reveal his identity. To stop it, there’s no one better to help her than She-Hulk.

Echo (Maya López)

Hawkeye Echo Maya Lopez Alaqua Cox

Maya Lopez, aka Echo, is definitely one of the more complex new heroes introduced throughout Phase Four. Her history with organized crime as the leader of the Tracksuit Mafia would probably have her seeking legal help, especially if she hopes to become a hero like Hawkeye or Daredevil, not to mention her “family” connection to the head of the crime kingpin

hawk eye ended in a cliffhanger with her supposedly shooting the Kingpin. However, since this was not explicitly shown, it was later confirmed to be a fake as in the comic. He will probably already get help from Daredevil to become a hero and take on the Kingpin echo, so maybe Matt Murdock might be a better fit. However, if not, She-Hulk could be the person to help him.

Bullseye (Benjamin Poindexter)

With the return of Vicent D’Onofrio as the Kingpin, fans can expect other villains to cross over from Marvel Television into the main MCU continuity. There are some great villains, like Benjamin Poindexter, played by Wilson Bethel. He became Daredevil’s foil, literally occupying his character, and in the final shots, his eyes reflect a target, setting up his arrival as Bullseye.

He would make a fantastic inclusion reckless fourth season, echoi lightning bolt. If it appears

She-Hulk could help him if he seems to want to make up for his past deeds, whether genuine or a ruse.

Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)

Arc of the Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff

Wanda Maximoff has certainly caused a fair amount of destruction and mayhem throughout Phase Four from kidnapping an entire city to WandaVision to wage a multiversal war against Doctor Strange a Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Despite this, their fan base is still incredibly passionate and eagerly awaiting the announcement of one Scarlet Witch solo movie

Wanda has a lot to make up for if she ever hopes to redeem herself and truly become a hero that the denizens of the MCU can worship. She-Hulk could be there to help her as a lawyer, working as a defense and as a potential ally in any fight she faces. This might be a team-up that no one saw coming, but it could lead to something pretty fun and intriguing.

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