Apple TV+’s Black Bird: The 11 Best Quotes, Ranked

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Black Bird has been another hit TV show for Apple TV+, receiving Emmy recognition this year for shows like Dismissal i Ted Lasso. Featuring a star-studded cast including Taron Egerton, Greg Kinnear and the late Ray Liotta combined with a compelling story based on an incredible true life story and a short run of six episodes. Black Bird it’s a quick and satisfying binge.

The fascinating story is supported by talented performances and dialogues that keep the viewers glued to their screens and in some cases will even send shivers down the spine.


11 “I never wanted this for you. I wanted a totally different deal.”

Episode 1 “Pilot”, Big James Keene to Jimmy

Ray Liotta sitting in prison talking to his son in a scene from Black Bird.

Any parent can relate to always wanting the best for their children, no matter what path they take. Such was the case with Big James Keene who, despite seeming to do everything right (except for a broken marriage with Jimmy’s mother), still couldn’t stop his son from falling in with the wrong crowd.

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He played football with him and showed Jimmy a lot of love, but the conflict with his wife at the time led to a fractured relationship that may have caused Jimmy to make some bad decisions, despite having the potential of a bright future All the blame for this is embodied in these few words.

10 “…It was the stress that caused you. Do you know what caused this stress?”

Episode 1, “Pilot”, Sammy Keene to Jimmy

At first, Sammy comes across as the quiet second wife, Jimmy’s stepmother, who simply tries to stay out of the drama and keep herself to herself. He knows Jimmy doesn’t accept him, but he doesn’t really do anything about it. That is, until after Big James, played by the late Ray Liotta, whose best movies, according to IMDb, include some like good colleagues i Marriage history – he has a stroke and ends up in the hospital.

When Jimmy abuses her when she visits him in prison, he says these words to her, followed poignantly by “You,” to let her know that she won’t take his attitude any longer. She is the one who takes care of her father and is tired of being treated like she doesn’t belong to him.

9 “You won’t want to blow the job interview, trust me.”

Episode 2, “Here We Go, Father Abraham,” Lauren to Jimmy

Lauren from Black Bird looks serious.

At first, Jimmy’s arrogance makes him think he’s a pushover for the job he’s not quite sure he wants to take: breaking into a maximum-security prison and extracting a confession from a suspected serial killer. But the more he talks to Lauren, the more he realizes he’s not the only one running.

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Soon, it becomes clear that Jimmy must “Keep doing [his] homework,” like she was about to go to a job interview or take a test. Lauren didn’t mess around, and because of her insistence on it, Jimmy spent the night reading all the materials.

8 I can’t help it if I drive home where the girl runs every day.

Episode 1, “Pilot”, Larry Hall to Brian and the other detectives

Paul Walter Hauser as Larry Hall in Black Bird

This defense of harassment was one of the first lines that really showed fans how out of touch Larry Hall was with reality and how warped his perspective on women was. He could easily rank among the most terrifying serial killers and serial killers on screen precisely because of his unassuming manner. In that one statement, he inadvertently admitted that he was indeed stalking the woman in question.

If it wasn’t, after all, how would he know that she takes the same route every day? His belief is that it was a route he already took every day at home. But if I were traveling and away from home, that wouldn’t make sense. It would also be a strange coincidence.

7 “[Larry’s]always trying to make himself look bigger than he is.”

Episode 2, “We’re Coming, Father Abraham, Gary Hall to Lauren and Brian

Gary Hall in a plaid shirt and baseball hat talking to a detective in Black Bird.

It was clear that Larry’s twin brother Gary wore the glasses when it came to his brother. He probably knew all along that his brother was mentally unstable and probably a murderer. But he didn’t want to accept that, choosing to just tell himself that his brother was just quirky, eccentric and different.

In the end, as stated in the end credits, one of the things that fans may not know Black Bird is that Gary eventually convinced his brother to confess to some of the murders. However, at the time of this appointment, Gary was simply making excuses for his beloved family member.

6 “In my dreams, I like to kill women.”

Episode 1, “Pilot”, Larry Hall in Detectives

Black Bird's Larry Hall in his prison uniform, standing in prison.

One of Hall’s signature moves was to confess to various heinous acts, in great detail, only to turn around immediately afterward, or even days later, and say he was simply recounting a dream he had. He did not kill women; I only dreamed of doing it.

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He said this on several occasions, including once to Jimmy. However, Jimmy was smart enough to turn Hall around and make it seem like he was upset that his “friend” would lie to him while also seeming like he didn’t believe Hall was capable of doing it in real life anyways. The reverse psychology tactic worked.

5 “You show me that you can find common ground with this man…”

Episode 2, “We’re Coming, Father Abraham”, Lauren To Jimmy)

Sepideh Moafi and Greg Kinneal sitting in their office in a scene from Black Bird.

This statement didn’t have much of an impact until Jimmy arrived at the prison and began to approach Hall. When Hall began revealing terrifying and disturbing details, Jimmy had to do his best to act like he agreed or understood to make sure the project didn’t end up being a huge waste of time. Jimmy actually really wanted to scream or call Hall a terrible person. Instead, he returned to his cell and cried himself to sleep in horror.

However, Lauren was correct in this statement that if Jimmy had shown visible signs of disgust or disdain, Hall would have figured out very quickly that he was a plant and not a genuine friend.

4 “Make people believe you’re not the killer…”

(Episode 2, “Here We Come, Father Abraham”, Brian Miller in Larry)

Black Bird's Greg Kinnear as Brian Miller

When Detective Miller went to question Hall based on a hunch and what he believed to be compelling evidence, he was shocked at how the local police were not taking Hall’s confessions seriously. He became increasingly frustrated when they interrupted his line of questioning with jokes or sarcastic remarks.

He said this line, followed by the confused statement that Hall had confessed earlier, realizing exactly what Hall was doing: confessing in great detail, then pretending he was just talking about a dream he had, and convincing everyone who was simply an attention seeker.

3 “He looks at me, not through me.”

(Episode 3, “Hand to Mouth”, Larry Hall to his therapist)

Larry Hill and Jimmy Keene sitting across from each other in prison in Black Bird.

Jimmy succeeded in his goal of getting Larry to confess, though he blew his cover before officially giving his report and getting out of jail. He accomplished this by appealing to Larry’s needs and being a kind of friend that he felt he could relate to and understand.

Larry told his therapist this when he asked what was so special about Jimmy. It was obvious that he sensed something was up, as Jimmy didn’t even look like he should be in jail, even confronting him as best he could without revealing confidential patient information. However, Jimmy had a knack for making Larry feel appreciated and loved.

2 “What hurt was that I loved him so much more than…you.”

(Episode 4, “WhatsHerName”, Larry Hall to Jimmy about his mother and stepfather)

Larry and Jimmy sitting together in prison, both looking to the side in a scene from Black Bird.

Larry managed to reach Jimmy in a way that others didn’t, perhaps taking advantage of the reason why Jimmy could somehow relate to the way Larry talked about women. When Jimmy told Larry a story about how his mother stayed with an abusive stepfather who beat him terribly one night when he tried to stand up for her, Larry said these words, which expressed how much more emotional pain he can do than physical pain

Unfortunately, they might have been right, and it cut to Jimmy’s core. Even though he would never do the kind of thing Larry did, this little common ground helped him fight and continue to have deep conversations with the killer.

1 “You can die, but you can’t stop living. I lived.”

(Episode 6, “You Promised”, Jessica Roach via voiceover)

Jessica Roach in Black Bird in a flashback scene, looking behind her as she rides her bike alone at night.

In a voiceover, the voice of the now-deceased Jessica Roach talks about what she might have been thinking in her final moments. Recounting his life, he remembers the times spent with his parents, with his sister doing simple things, and the death of a grandfather. She talks about a boy she liked at school and the day he took the bike she was riding at the time of her abduction.

Powerful words help bring comfort to anyone who has lost someone. While she was murdered and would not live her life beyond being a teenager, during her time on Earth, she lived. And that can’t be taken away.

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