The 10 Biggest Predator Movie Tropes

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The predator The franchise is known for some familiar and classic moments, and fans could always brush up on those details. These include the weapons and culture of the Predators, the heroic humans who take on these creatures, and some famous lines of dialogue as well.

The series now consists of 6 entries, counting the two Alien vs. Predator movies For clarity, the films are from 1987 predatordecade of the 1990s Predator 22004 AVP: Alien vs. Predator2007 AVP: Requiem2010s Predatorsand in 2018 the predator. Each film contributes to this character’s legacy, and certain trends have become staples throughout the series.


Updated August 4, 2022 by Stuart Kilmartin: The Predator franchise has had a lasting legacy in sci-fi/action film history since the original Predator debuted in 1987. Since then, there have been four solo Predator films, as well as two by Alien vs. Predator movies. The franchise returns this August 5 with Prey coming to Hulu (or Disney + depending on the territory). While each new entry tries to add to the Predator story in different ways, there are tropes and clich├ęs that come up again and again in every Predator movie.

“Get to the Chopper” – 3 movies

Dutchman shooting a gun and yelling at Predator

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most famous phrase in his career is “I’ll be back”. terminator, but “Go to the helicopter!” in the first predator it’s up there The line didn’t reappear until AVP: Requiem, where Dallas tells the others as they flee the Predalien. The line appears in the predatoralbeit with a bit of a twist as it’s all about motorbikes and ‘getting to helicopters’.

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Every classic series needs a few memorable quotes. This line gained popularity because of Arnold’s delivery, but it’s a popular line nonetheless. It’s not a line that fits organically into every movie, but it’s made its way into half of them.

Only Human Survivor – 3 movies

Lex Woods on the ground in Alien vs Predator

In the tradition of many horror films, half predator movies only have one survivor. Dutch is the sole survivor of the first film, after losing all his equipment. Anna also survives, but appears briefly and then escapes (in the aforementioned helicopter). Mike Harrigan is the sole survivor Predator 2and Lex is the only one who has done it AVP.

Surviving a predator is a very difficult thing to do, and none of the other movies have that many survivors either. The respective number of survivors in the other films is 4 inches AVPR2 inches Predatorsand 3 inches the predator.

“One Ugly Mother” – 3 movies

Another popular line from the first movie is “You’re one ugly motherf***er”. The Dutchman says this to the Predator after he takes off his mask. This line was repeated by Harrigan in the second film, though the Predator finishes the line for him. Lex doesn’t tell a Predator AVPbut rather to a Xenomorph who is attacking the Predator who had become his ally.

The significance of the line is that while the Predator may be dangerous, he doesn’t seem physically terrifying until viewers see his face. But even then, characters who react to ugliness gain by being scared. It’s a good reminder to even casual fans that beneath that mask, there’s a strange-looking alien.

Predator respects a human warrior – 4 movies

Mike Harrigan pointing a gun at someone in Predator 2

Predators are fierce warriors who deeply value the hunt, but are not above respecting another warrior on sight. At the end of Predator 2, Harrigan kills the Predator on his ship with one of his own weapons. Suddenly, several predators close in around him. It looks like Harrigan is going to have one last fight, but then one of the Predators throws an ancient gun at him. He tells her to “take it”, and they leave with the body of their comrade in arms. This moment added a lot to the Predator mythos as it showed his respect for the other warriors, and the gun showed that they had been doing this for a while. the next prey will be the fifth Predator film and the seventh film featuring Predators overall, and is set further in the past, showing more of these actions.

After killing a xenomorph AVP, Lex finds that the Predator named Scar joins her and even gives her a spear made from the Xenomorph’s tail. Scar burns a symbol on his cheek with Xenomorph blood, and when other Predators see this symbol, they present him with one of their weapons. In Predators, Royce releases a chained Predator to fight the Berserker, and the Predator agrees to help him reach Earth in return. Finally, the predator shows struggles between species, and a Predator gives humans a Predator Killer suit to fight future predators.

Humans sacrificing themselves – 5 movies

There are some absolute heroes in the Predator franchise and epic final boss battles to boot. Billy stands on a log over a chasm to confront the Predator in the first film, causing his death and giving the others a chance to escape. Jerry Lambert does a similar position on a subway Predator 2. In Alien vs. PredatorWeyland sets Scar on fire so Lex and Sebastian can escape, causing Scar to stab Weyland.

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Hanzo discovers a sword and confronts a Predator Predators, and both mortally wounded each other. And Nebraska is dropped into the turbine of the Predator ship the predator, crashing it so McKenna can save her son. This shows what it can take to beat a Predator. For there to be survivors, some of the humans must come between the Predator and his friends.

Sneaking – 6 movies

A predator in stealth mode hidden in the jungle

All six films feature the Predators using their stealth camouflage, which makes them nearly invisible. It allows them to blend in with their surroundings, be it the jungle, the city or an Antarctic pyramid.

This is one of the reasons why Predators are such dangerous enemies. However, it is not a foolproof method. If a human has eagle eyes, they can still see the Predator in their camouflage as they leave a glowing outline of themselves. Mac notably sees the Predator in a tree in the first film and looks at it while showing Dillon.

Array Of Weapons – 6 movies

A predator with a shuriken weapon

Predators are always stocked with plenty of weapons, allowing them to make truly gruesome and bloody kills. Many of the weapons are the same throughout the series, but every now and then some new ones appear. Primary weapons consist of wrist blades, a web gun, a shoulder cannon, a spear-like combi staff, a throwing disc, and a self-destruct bomb.

The AVP the movies introduced the Predator shuriken as a weapon. While fans debated whether these two films were canon or not, the predator let it rest by returning the shurikens and revealing Lex’s Xenomorph tail spear in a glass case.

Trophies – 6 movies

predator trophy room

Predators collect trophies from their kills. This includes searching bodies, taking skulls and claiming weapons. This extends to the predator sequels The trophy room inside Predator 2 shows the extent of a Predator’s collection, which famously included a xenomorph skull (the first indication that alien i predator took place in the same universe).

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Predators have also been known to bring their trophies. The Predator giving Harrigan the gun Predator 2 he has it on him when he does it. The Berserker enters Predators he wears a xenomorph jaw piece on his helmet.

The top predator is killed – 6 movies

Image of the laughing scene of the predator

Predators may be skilled hunters and dangerous warriors, but no “main” Predator has ever made it out of a movie alive. The first two films feature a single Predator and are killed by Dutch and Harrigan respectively. Of the three Predators a AVPtwo are killed at the beginning by a xenomorph, and Scar is killed at the end by the alien queen.

The predator named Wolf is wounded and dies along with the Predalien AVPR when a nuclear attack is enacted on the city. The Berserker and his companions are killed Predators before a new hunt begins. I the predator has the Upgrade Predator killed by a team effort at the end. Obviously, many predators survive their hunts, as evidenced by their trophies. But it is clear that they live a dangerous life.

The Predator Unmasks – 6 movies

Close-up face of the predator

As mentioned above, Predators hide hideous faces beneath their masks. And there always comes a time (sometimes more than once) where the Predator takes off his mask. Sometimes a Predator does this himself while engaging an enemy, or someone else removes his mask.

This moment is always iconic in the movies because it not only allows the Predators to show their true faces, but also makes the humans react to their faces. It’s also a time to show off some stunning makeup effects, created by legendary special effects artist Stan Winston.

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