The 10 most powerful lawyers in comics

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With both reckless i She-Hulk getting shows on Disney Plus, it looks like lawyers are back in fashion. It’s a weird but accurate douche to think that in a world full of supervillains, of course being a lawyer would be a lucrative business. Still, Murdock and Walters are far from the only ones.

There have been a lot of lawyers in comics, and not all of them have been superheroes. Some were actually quite evil and often used their position as lawyers to gain an advantage. With their intellect and skills, comic book lawyers do more than defend in court.


10 Beetle II

Lady Beetle carried by her team

Beetle II, or Lady Beetle, is a criminal supervillain next door. Her secret identity is Janice Lincoln, a renowned criminal lawyer. She also happens to be the daughter of Lonnie Lincoln, aka Tombstone. Her father, learning that she “wanted to be part of the family business,” pushed her into the law instead of the violent side of crime.

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It wasn’t because he had any qualms about his daughter being a criminal, but because he believes that a lawyer can get away with a lot more money than any criminal. Still, he wanted the thrill of supervillainy, so he donned the Beetle armor. A suit that can keep up with Spider-Man is no joke, and Janice uses it to great effect.

9 Multiple Man

Matt Rocks and his clones

James Madrox, aka Multiple Man, is a mutant but not an actual lawyer. However, he ordered one of his clones to go to law school and create a company for his use. Surprisingly, the clone turned out to be a fantastic lawyer in the entertainment business. Since then, the clone has assumed the identity of “Matt Rocks, the local celebrity lawyer”.

Unlike most of his other copies, Matt Rocks was allowed to remain separate from James because he proved useful. Make no mistake, though; Matt Rocks is still James Madrox at the end of the day. Even though Matt’s clones aren’t “bright”, he’s still fully capable of making a team of his own.

8 Manhunter II

Manhunter in a radio tower

No, she’s not the Martian. Kate Spencer is the second person to hold the title of Manhunter. Unlike her father, who was a supervillain in name, Kate is firmly on the side of good. She is often affiliated with the Birds of Prey and sometimes the Justice League.

She has no metahuman powers, but is an incredibly skilled martial artist in peak physical condition. He’s capable enough to train with Wonder Woman, defeat assassins like Cheshire, and even manages to resist Doctor Psycho’s mental powers. Kate has redeemed the mantle many times over.

7 Earth-Two Robin

Earth Two Robin

Earth-Two was created to have “separate timelines” that explained the differences between the Golden Age and Silver Age of comics. Truthfully, it didn’t do that well because of the comics, but it did make for some interesting stories. One of the most notable is that of Dick Grayson.

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In this universe, Dick Grayson is the only Robin. Not only that, he never relinquishes the mantle and remains a Robin later in life. In addition to this, however, Dick Grayson became a successful lawyer, much to the pride of his adoptive father Bruce Wayne. It’s great fun watching a member of the Batfamily lead a relatively drama-free life of success.

6 Harvey Birdman

Harvey Birdman set Guile's hair on fire

Harvey Birdman managed to sneak his way into the world of comics thanks to his brief run in the 1970s. He’s best known these days as the overworked lawyer on Adult Swim. Although his superhero days are long behind him, he still retains his flying brick powers.

Hilariously, Harvey Birdman has no qualms about defending even the clearly guilty. He says his reasons are heroic because he “can’t turn away those in need.” As a result, Harvey Birdman is often the default lawyer for the worst clients because no one else wants to take them.

5 reckless

Arguably the most famous lawyer in comic book history, Matt Murdock is as great a lawyer as a hero. His undying compassion for helping those in need, combined with his self-inflicted burden of being a hero, make him one of Marvel’s most morally upright characters.

A good reason for the popularity is how Matt uses his powers. It benefits both his work as a vigilante and as a lawyer. Matt Murdock hears the click of a gun and the beating of a liar’s heart with equal importance. Being a street hero, he is also the hero who most relates to those affected by crime.

4 She-Hulk

she hulk lawyer crawling out of a crater

Jennifer Walters, the second most popular lawyer in Marvel Comics, was very successful in her job even before the green makeover. However, she was very weak and sickly. Despite his intelligence, he always wanted to be a more physically active person. She wanted to be a dancer before going into law.

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After a life-saving blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner, Jen became She-Hulk. Although the upper limits of his strength were not as powerful as the Hulk’s, he was much more mentally stable. In fact, she even won court cases while in her She-Hulk form. While he won’t be tearing up worlds anytime soon, he’s still a Hulk, and few things in Marvel can hold up to a Hulk in his prime.

3 icon

Rocket icon and comic

Like a certain Kryptonian superhero, Icon was in an alien pod that crashed on a farm in America. The pod altered the appearance of its passenger with the same genetic makeup as the first life form to approach it. As it happens, she was a kind African-American woman. Unfortunately, this was not the farmland of a friendly Kansas couple. Instead, the alien had crashed in the middle of a cotton field in 1839.

He grew up to become a Union soldier and, after the war was won, turned to the law. As the decades passed, he managed to avoid revealing his near-immortal alien status by assuming the identity of “his own son”. Icon is essentially Milestone Comics’ version of Superman. Unsurprisingly, when their universe merged with Superman’s, the two became fast friends due to their similar heritage and compassion for humanity.

2 Jain singularity

Singularity Jain sucking a green lantern

Singularity Jain is a highly successful criminal lawyer with a common secret. The secret is that it is less of a person and more of a “living black hole.” His race, the Motophagus, embodies the fundamental force of gravity in the universe. He is an immensely old being and is said to have been responsible for the murder of thousands of people over the many millennia he has been on Earth.

He is often at odds with the Green Lanterns due to the cosmic threat his power poses. His powers are very metaphysical. He’s not exactly “sucking” his entire being into a strange nightmare world. However, her powers don’t work very well on people who don’t have any trauma or have already gotten over it. Still, as scary as the DC universe is, traumatized people are far from rare.

1 Resurrection Man

Resurrection Man rising from his grave

One of the most fascinating dark characters in DC Comics, Resurrection Man, aka Mitch Shelley, was once a very successful mob lawyer. However, he was forced to undergo an experiment involving nanotechnology and some occult magic. The resulting experiment caused him to lose his memory, so he spent months searching for answers, becoming a hero along the way.

Resurrection Man, as his name suggests, comes back to life every time he is killed after a few seconds. Not only that, with each death he gains powers related to how he died. He has been killed many times and thus has various powers too numerous to count here. A man who can never die and gets stronger every time he passes? DC is lucky it’s not Doomsday.

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