Stranger Things: Who Would Be Every Main Character’s Favorite ’80s Wrestler?

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Strange things, the hit Netflix TV series, takes place in the 1980s and has explored many of the iconic elements of that decade. From arcades to malls to music, the show seems to have covered almost every base.

However, there is one important aspect of the 80s that Strange things he has only referred to fragments. This is, of course, professional wrestling, which experienced its first boom period during the 1980s thanks to the rise of major televised events such as WrestleMania. Tons of people got into pro wrestling during the decade, each with their own favorite wrestler, and it makes sense that the characters in Strange things it would be exactly the same way.


Will – Steamboat Ricky “The Dragon”.

Will and Ricky Steamboat

Will has been bullied and ridiculed his entire life, but he has never let that change or corrupt him. Whether he’s masquerading as “Will the Wise” or helping to save the world once again, Will stays true to himself. He puts others before himself, even when it hurts him, because he doesn’t want others to get hurt.

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Will would be a fan of Ricky Steamboat, a truly heroic wrestler who inspired fans and put his loved ones before his career. Also, Will would probably think Steamboat’s dragon suit was the coolest thing he’s ever seen.

Steve – “Macho Man” Randy Savage

Steve and Randy Savage

Steve “The Hair” Harrington is the definition of cool, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see him gravitate towards the coolness of Randy Savage, whose flamboyant attire and even more flamboyant way of speaking drew attention of the audience everywhere.

Most importantly, though, as a major plot point has shown, Steve is quite the romantic. Steve would likely feel a deep connection to the macho man based on the wrestler’s iconic whirlwind romance with Miss Elizabeth.

Erica – Ted DiBiase

Erica and Ted DiBiase

When Erica Sinclair finally became one of Hawkins’ heroes in Season 3, she did so with a rather patriotic twist. Not only excited to take down the Russian “Commies”, Erica was also more than happy to tell the rest of the Scoops Ahoy crew how much she loves capitalism.

Because of this, she would probably be a big fan of Ted DiBiase, better known as “The Million Dollar Man.” Erica would probably be delighted at how the richest competitor in wrestling flaunted his wealth and used it to his advantage.

Eleven – Andre the Giant

Eleven and Andre the Giant

Tested and studied since she was a child, Eleven has never lived a normal life. Eleven’s truly incredible psychic powers have made her a hero to some and a monster to others, but any sight of her has made her feel like an absolute outcast in some ways.

Undoubtedly, Eleven would be linked to Andre the Giant, a man so big that he dominates even the biggest of his peers. Eleven and Andre know all too well what it feels like to be treated differently and looked at as crazy for being born different, and Eleven would build on Andre’s success because of it.

Max – Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Max and Jake the snake

Max has been in a bad situation since his half-brother Billy died, and this has caused him to put aside some of his more self-absorbed “childish” activities and become a little more serious. She also became somewhat lonely and, at least for a while, cut herself off from her friends a bit.

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During this time, I would definitely gravitate towards the cold, no-nonsense demeanor of Jake the Snake, a sinister fighter who has no problem embracing his dark side. Even before the end of Season 3, she’d probably still like Roberts, as she’s always had a love for the macabre and the grotesque.

Dustin – The Road Warriors

Dustin and the Road Warriors

Dustin formed such a strong bond with Eddie Munson, with the two becoming one of the best duos of Season 4. This made it even more tragic when Eddie died in Dustin’s arms after fighting off a swarm of demoted

While Dustin would already be drawn to the extremely rough and chaotic Road Warriors, their incredible face paint and exaggerated spiked shoulders would definitely bring to mind hardcore rock and more importantly Dustin’s late friend Eddie.

Mike – Hulk Hogan

Mike and Hulk Hogan

Of all the Strange things kids, it might be Mike who still holds most firmly to his fantasy hero ideals, though that might be because he’s currently dating his own older hero, Eleven. Because of this, Mike would surely be a fan of who was introduced as the greatest wrestling hero of the 80s, Hulk Hogan.

Hogan took on every bad guy there was during his time in the WWF and looked indestructible doing it. He always stood up for his friends, which Mike would surely appreciate as he has risked his life for his friends numerous times.

Robin – Wendi Richter

Robin and Wendi Richter

While Wendi Richter was undoubtedly one of the most beautiful wrestling stars of the 80s, that wouldn’t be the (only) reason why Robin would be a fan of hers. Richter was a total rebel, being a major leader in the “Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Connection” that revolutionized the pro wrestling business.

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During this time, Richter helped shatter the old guard in the WWF Women’s Division, winning the WWF Women’s Championship from the Fabulous Moolah, who had dominated the division with an iron fist for nearly three decades.

Lucas – Magnum TA

Lucas and Magnum TA

If Lucas’ quotes from the show are anything to go by, he’s certainly one of the most versatile characters of all Strange things. A realist with enough determination to follow his own path, he also can’t help but care for his friend more than anything, always ready to defend and protect them.

Lucas would gravitate towards Magnum TA, as not only is Magnum a tough fighter who regularly dispatches his opponents in seconds, but he’s also a true hero who will stop at nothing to protect those he cares about.

Nancy – Dusty Rhodes

Nancy and Dusty Rhodes

Nancy Wheeler has been underestimated her whole life, whether it’s from the Hawkins Post Boys Club or various townspeople like Jason Carver, who try to bully her. Despite this, Nancy shows time and time again why she is one of the toughest residents in all of Hawkins, having helped save the world many times.

Nancy would thank Dusty Rhodes, an inspiring and persevering wrestler who became a multiple time world champion despite displaying none of the superficial conventions of what a wrestling champion was supposed to look or act like. He made anyone who doubted him feel foolish by showing his undeniable skill at his craft.

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