Which bullet train character are you according to your zodiac?

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Warning: This article contains Bullet Train spoilers.

After sharing his experience of being directed by his former doubleBrad Pitt returned to the big screen as a leading actor after a three-year hiatus with bullet trainin theaters now. The film has received mixed to positive reviews, but praise has gone to the quirky characters it features, such as the calm and lively Ladybug, and a good way to understand them is through the use of signs of the zodiac

They can be used to distinguish particular character traits that viewers can relate to, as everyone falls under a particular zodiac. Whether it’s a wise and emotionally aware person like the Elder or a caring and sensitive person like Ladybug, bullet train the mentality of the characters can be analyzed through each zodiac.


Aries – The wolf

The wolf holding a knife in the Bullet Train

Aries personalities are brave and fearless, with their self-assertiveness allowing them to stand tall for most of their goals. However, they can also be very one-sided, which is how the Wolf behaved. The Wolf’s thirst for revenge blinded him, not realizing that Ladybug was not his true target.

Aries personalities are ambitious and optimistic, with the Wolf thinking his career as an assassin and his marriage were secure until the reality check came when the Hornet poisoned everyone. People of this sign can get lost when things don’t go their way, and the Wolf certainly acted that way.

Taurus – Maria Beetle

Sandra Bullock as Maria Beetle in Bullet Train

Characters like Maria can generally be found in movies like bullet train, that is reliable and trustworthy. This describes people born under the sign of Taurus as these personalities value friendship, wanting their friends to feel satisfied with their surroundings.

Maria was Ladybug’s handler bullet train but he clearly saw the latter as his friends, as he climaxed to rescue him. Maria was devoted to Ladybug to the point where she risked her position to make sure she was okay, aligning herself with Taurus’ stubborn but calming presence.

Gemini – The Prince

Joey King stars in Bullet Train.

We will have to see if bullet train might join the list of Joey King’s best movies, but the actress played the role of the prince very well. The character was extremely intelligent and adaptable, which are qualities generally found in those born under the Gemini zodiac.

These personalities are quite cunning and charming enough to get people to do what they want like the prince did with everyone from Father, Ladybug, Tangerine and Lemon. Twins can be indecisive and impulsive, something the prince proved to be at the climax when he failed to eliminate the white death and was killed when he recklessly put himself in danger.

Cancer – The Hornet

Hornet laughing on the bullet train

Cancer personalities can be extremely emotional and spiteful when they feel like it. The Hornet can be seen as an exaggerated example of these traits, as the antagonist behaved in a manic manner when he took the lives of Wolf’s people and tried to eliminate Ladybug.

Cancers are also self-protective and dedicated to tasks they believe in, which the Hornet also showed. She went the extra mile to try and kill Ladybug and died when she tried to save herself from being poisoned until Ladybug injected her.

Leo – The girl from the train concession

The train concession girl poses for a photo on the Bullet Train

Leos stand out for their loyalty, fun personality and focused attention. The girl from the train concession didn’t have such a big role, but she certainly portrayed those traits during her time on screen. She was very dedicated to the passengers on the train, making sure she kept them happy.

The Leos’ big heart can come back to haunt them if people want to take advantage, with the train concession girl suffering when her kindness to the Hornet was met with the latter brutally attacking her. Her self-confidence is still worth noting, and Leos can appreciate her general attitude.

Virgin – The Father

The Father about to cry in the Bullet Train

The Father was generally humble and modest, although he was stressed for the duration of bullet train because of the danger in which his son was. Virgos display similar attributes, with people born under this sign considered kind and sympathetic, but generally tense.

The Father’s sympathy was evident when he let loose his grudge against Lemon for shooting him after the latter’s brother was killed. The modesty with which Virgins are associated appeared when the Father was content to leave the train after learning that his son was safe, wanting nothing more in return for his courage.

Balance – The Son

The Son looking to his left in Bullet Train

Libras are relaxed, excessively calm and known for their directness in all situations. The Son was much the same as he didn’t care that he was caught by two assassins like Tangerine and Lemon, even telling the pair how he thought they were very poor at their jobs.

The Son’s inability to orient himself to action cost him his life, as he lacked the ability to perceive the threat that the Hornet posed to him. While Libras aren’t that helpless, they can also be out of their element due to their need for peace in the face of conflict.

Scorpio – Tangerine

The mandarin is perplexed on the Bullet Train

Although there are many great Aaron Taylor-Johnson movies to watch, the actor had a rather original role as Tangerine in bullet train. The character was loyal, brave and determined while keeping the Son’s death a secret to avoid the possible wrath of the White Death.

These qualities can be found in Scorpio personalities, as these people value the attributes of Tangerine. Scorpios may appear stoic or bold, but they are generally loyal to their loved ones. Tangerine proved to be the case when she jumped on the speeding train to avoid leaving Lemon alone, eventually dying when she tried to avenge her brother’s supposed death.

Sagittarius – Ladybird

Ladybug with a cut on her cheek in Bullet Train

Ladybug might be one of Brad Pitt’s best characters to date, displaying traits of intelligence, loyalty, and sensitivity. Sagittarius people go along the same lines as they generally display gifted attributes that can bring out the best in them.

Sagittarius personalities appreciate being around people who value their presence, with Ladybug reacting this way when she realized Maria had come to her aid. Ladybug had Sagittarius’ sensibilities when she felt bad for the other people on the train and her intelligence was seen when she managed to trick the White Death in their climactic encounter.

Capricorn – The White Death

The White Death with shadows in Bullet Train

Capricorns are practical and ambitious, setting themselves lofty goals that can confound most others. The White Death displayed these qualities when she infiltrated its original leader’s crime syndicate, eventually backstabbing him to take over.

The White Death had the kind of drive that Capricorns pride themselves on, playing the long game in establishing their empire so that they were the undisputed king. Capricorns can have a habit of underestimating others, however, which turned out to be the White Death’s undoing, as he didn’t see how Ladybug and the rest of the Assassins could be a threat until he lost his own life

Aquarius – Lemon

Lemon looks confused on the bullet train

Lemon was the most emotionally sensitive person on the train, having used Thomas the tank engine as a moral guide. Aquarian personalities are also known for their calmness, with these people generally optimistic and self-sufficient.

Lemon was easily the most optimistic compared to his brother, promising Tangerine that they would find a way out of their situation. His self-reliance was shown when he managed to survive despite jumping off the train and returning to avenge Tangerine’s death.

Pisces – The Old Man

The Old Man fighting with his blade in the Bullet Train

Elder may have been more sensitive than Lemon to accept how emotionally aware she was. This was similar to Pisces personalities and how kind they are to the average person. They know how to connect with people, they generally want everyone to be happy.

The Elder boarded the train to bring a peaceful resolution to the survivors, surprisingly getting everyone on the same page to fight the White Death. The Great One’s emotional awareness is what allowed him to do this, as people born under the sign of Pisces should be able to relate to his wise demeanor.

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