Bayonetta 3: 10 best action games to play before October 28

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Bayonet 3 has been one of the most anticipated Nintendo Switch games for years. After years of nothing, last fall it was finally announced again, and in July 2022, players were treated to new information about the game in trailers. Since it will be released on October 28, players still have to wait.

During this time, players can definitely see other action game classics. bayonet is one of the many excellent action games on modern platforms and these games feature style and finesse to match. They’re worth more than the player’s time as one of Nintendo Switch’s biggest titles inches away.


Astral Chain

Astral Chain case

Astral Chain was announced and released later Bayonet 3 it was announced This was very annoying bayonet fans, but the game remains one of the most exciting action games on Switch. The player takes control of a police officer named Akira Howard in a dystopian cyberpunk Earth. They end up merging with an entity called the Legion with a device called the Astral Chain.

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What resulted was a game where the player controls the Legion and the officer simultaneously. This allows for unique combat, especially since the Legion has multiple forms. There are also adventure game research segments. Platinum developers clearly like the game as it appeared Bayonet 3the trailer of

NieR: Automata

2B faces off against a machine life form in Nier: Automata

NieR: Automata It was developed by the staff behind it bayonet i Astral Chain and coming to Switch soon. Unlike those games, this game is part RPG. However, it still has action mechanics and a great female lead as well bayonet fans won’t miss anything. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where robots and androids fight in an eternal war.

The player controls Android 2B at first, but other characters are available later. The player gets many upgrades and weapons that they can equip her with. This allows for a large unique combined potential based on charge. Combine that with big action set pieces and this “RPG” actually has more action than most action games.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Bayonetta's splash screen is being unlocked in Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate.

There is no shortage of great characters Super Smash Bros. definitive, which added many strong characters to its DLC. However, none are as legendary as Bayonetta. Bayonetta entered the smash bros scene at the end of Smash 4 and quickly took over the competitive scene.

In definitive, is no longer as powerful as before. However, it’s still an excellent representation of how he plays his action games. His combo-heavy style allows him to overwhelm opponents and then charge in for punishing attacks. How Bayonet 3 will also be exclusive to Switch, Smash it actually serves as a great companion to the series.

Streets Of Rage 4

Streets of Rage 4

bayonet is a series that takes a lot of inspiration from the classic SEGA arcade games of old. Director Hideki Kamiya has shown his appreciation for games like space harrier at levels similar to Bayonet 1. In a way, 3D character action games are quite similar to classic beat-em-ups streets of rage, which has continued to this day with Streets of Rage 4.

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While it obviously doesn’t have all the pomp of a 3D game, Streets 4 has many similar mechanics to brawlers 3D com bayonet. Combos are key and the game expects the player to manage large crowds of enemies. The game features several playable characters and secrets to find and collect. In a world full of 3D action, this game stands out as a great modern reinterpretation of the past.

Devil May Cry V

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition

Hideki Kamiya, the creator of bayonetalso created the excellent devil may cry game series He ended up leaving Capcom before Devil May Cry V was released, but the game remains a culmination of ideas introduced in the first installment. Starring three playable characters with tons of weapons and unique attack styles, Devil May Cry V was one of the best action games of the 2010s.

The game stars Dante, Nero, and new character V on a quest to destroy a giant demonic tree. The game takes place mostly in urban environments, just like bayonet. While large swaths of enemies are common, a high level of skill is still required. While the series ended up going noticeably off track bayonetaction game style, it’s still a great play for fans of the genre.

God Of War 3

god of war 3

The recent god of war games turned the series into a more traditional action-adventure game. Nevertheless, classic god of war it was much more like hack-and-slash adventures like bayonet, i God of War III it was probably the peak. It had all the brutal violence of the previous entries with the highest graphical fidelity that the PS3 could offer in 2010.

This game finally sees Kratos’ fury take down the god himself. This leads to large scale boss fights with godlike entities in impressive set pieces. Although originally released for PS3, a remastered version was also released on PS4. While the plot isn’t as deep as Kratos’ last adventures, players will find it God of War III frantic and exciting.

Monster Hunter World

Two hunters face off with the flagship dragon Rathalos in Monster Hunter: World promotional art.

Monster Hunter it was a series that took a long time to gain popularity. It had obtuse systems and weird mechanics that limited its appeal as an action game for most characters. But Monster Hunter World was the game that broke this trend and its many weapons and systems became very attractive for a player to start hunting monsters.

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The Switch has the game Monster Hunter Rise instead of worldBut world it is better for newcomers. Still, either is a great addition to any action fan’s lineup. The big monsters look menacing, but learning the mechanics of dealing with them is incredibly satisfying. Add in the many weapon styles available and there’s a game with a lot to offer for all styles of action play.

Devil May Cry HD Collection

Devil May Cry HD Collection poster featuring main character Dante

As has been said, the devil may cry series has a strong link with the bayonet series Fortunately, the HD collection of the first three titles (or the titles individually) is available on most modern platforms. In fact, the Switch version is upgraded compared to other consoles. Your version of Devil May Cry 3 includes instant style change from later games.

The collection is still great value on any console it’s purchased for. The HD upgrade works great DMC1which had many graphic peculiarities. DMC1 also shares more DNA with bayonet, also for being the one Hideki Kamiya worked the most. They are all great Playstation 2 classics that have left their mark on gaming.

Bayonetta 2 + 1 Pack (exchange)

Bayonetta 2 for Nintendo Switch

Obviously, when it comes to games to play before Bayonet 3 versions, there are few games better than the original bayonet games Anyone looking to play the third should definitely pick it up Bayonet 2 on Switch. The game is often bundled with the original and both are essential adventures for the Shadow Witch.

Bayonet 1 plays wonderfully as an action game. However, its plot is somewhat esoteric, which is why the second game is so essential, as it simplifies it. How 3 probably features the return of characters from 1 and game elements of 2players should make sure they have played these classics.

The Wonderful 101: Remastered

The wonderful 101 was one of the underrated classics of the Wii U. It was a game of bayonet Platinum developer with flawless style and crazy concept. The player would control a large number of different superheroes at once. They would then use them to fight giant enemies using the Wii U’s touchscreen and fuse into giant forms called Unite Morphs.

Critics were impressed by the game’s sense of style, but poor Wii U sales eventually made it a financial failure. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, however, the game was able to escape the Wii U. It was ported to most platforms in 2020 and remains one of Platinum’s weirdest titles. It has all the action you’d expect from Bayonetta, but with a unique charm all its own.

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