Which Supernatural Episode Should You Watch, According to Your Zodiac?

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The long awaited supernatural prequel spin-off series The Winchesters is set to release in October 2022 and fans couldn’t be more excited. Its predecessor had a run of fifteen seasons and continues to win new fans to this day.

A big part of what he did supernatural so successful was the unique that each episode was, as the show continually brought new plots and interesting stories. This means that supernatural has at least one episode that caters to every zodiac sign’s needs, as they each enjoy different TV genres and tropes.


12 Aries: “Swan Song” (S5, E22)

Aries tend to have fiery personalities and when they’re looking for something to watch, they tend to opt for action-packed episodes with lots of twists and turns. That’s why the end of season five is perfect for them.

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So much happened in this episode as the apocalypse was near and the Winchesters’ attempts to stop it failed miserably. Sam was possessed by Lucifer and all seemed lost, but Dean makes sure to try to get to his brother one last time in a dramatic twist that would thrill any Aries.

11 Taurus: “Monster Movie” (S4, E5)

Tauruses love a good classic tale with a modern twist and a touch of humor, and that’s the perfect description of “Monster Story.” Follow the Winchester brothers as they take on Dracula and other notorious monsters from classic movies and novels or, more specifically, a no-nonsense, more laughable version of them.

The entire episode is in black and white, which makes it stand out and gives it an aesthetic and vintage feel that any Taurus would appreciate.

10 Twins: “Ask Jeeves” (S10, E5)Sam and Dean in the Supernatural episode

Geminis are naturally curious and love to watch a mystery slowly unfold to reveal the truth, so “Ask Jeeves” would be perfect for them. This episode pays homage to classic murder mysteries with clear references to the board game Clue.

When Sam and Dean learn that Bobby was the beneficiary of a deceased heiress, they attend as his relatives in hopes of inheriting a small fortune. The episode contains some funny scenes where the Winchester brothers try to blend in with the rich heirs and are exactly like fish out of water. Gemini would love to see the social satire it contained along with the gossip and scandals between the heirs.

9 Cancer: “My Bloody Valentine” (S5, E14)

A typical Cancer is a big fan of love stories, and they usually enjoy every romantic trope in the book. But even when love stories take a darker turn, Cancers are sure to find it exciting.

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In this episode, Sam and Dean start working on a case where people all over town start killing each other for love. With the help of Castiel, they manage to track down the monster of the week which was Cupid himself.

8 Leo: “Supernatural: The Musical” (S10, E5)

Leos have a great love for the theater as they like to be in the spotlight and are very passionate about the dramatic arts. So an episode about a musical production of his favorite show would definitely be his cup of tea.

In “Supernatural: The Musical,” the Winchester brothers go on a hunt that takes them to a high school where the drama club is about to put on a musical adaptation of Chuck’s Winchester novels, and they’re baffled for how much they loved those students. his story The episode is both funny and emotional, so the leos among the viewers are sure to love it.

7 Virgo: “Don’t Call Me Shurley” (S11, E20)

Virgos love a good mystery, but finding the answer to one is definitely even better for them. Fans have long pondered the question of who and where God was supernatural and there were several theories over the years that it was Chuck all along.

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This episode answers those questions as Chuck comes back and admits that he was God all along. If there’s one thing Virgos absolutely love is being proven right, this episode is perfect for them.

6 Libra: “Scoobynatural” (S13, E16)

Books tend to be very artistic and they appreciate animated movies with unique stories. So “Scoobynatural” would be the perfect fit for them. This is the only animated episode of the show, as well as the only crossover, as the characters from Supernatural were mixed with those from Scooby-Doo and the dynamic between them was amazing.

This was definitely one of the best episodes of supernatural as it brought waves of childhood nostalgia and countless jokes that any Libra would love to see.

5 Scorpio: “Everybody Loves a Clown” (S2, E2)

Nobody loves a scary episode like a Scorpion and “Everybody Loves A Clown” is without a doubt the creepiest episode of supernatural. In this episode, Sam and Dean go after a demonic clown who befriends the kids and persuades them to invite him into their house in the middle of the night, then murders their parents.

It was a horrifying concept, but thankfully, but there was some much-needed comic relief with the casual banter between the brothers, which was one of the things fans loved the most. supernatural. Scorpios love mystery and horror, and they are bound to enjoy this horror movie classic.

4 Sagittarius: “Baby” (S11, E4)

The sign of Sagittarius is usually defined by a passion for wonder, as people with this sign love to go on adventures and explore. They always appreciate seeing things from a different perspective and this is essentially the crux of the episode as all the events that happened were seen from the Impala’s point of view.

While Sam and Dean spend most of the show traveling from state to state, this is the only episode that focuses more on the journey than the destination and that’s exactly what Sagittarius is all about. This is definitely it supernatural the best filler episode not only for the unique cinematic style, but also for the expected appreciation of the Impala.

3 Capricorn: “In the Beginning” (S4, E3)

A typical Capricorn is always looking for answers and trying to find out the facts, so learning the backstory of Sam and Dean’s parents would be the perfect episode for them. In “In The Beginning”, Castiel sends Sam and Dean back in time to when their parents were young and they get to know more about their past.

However, Capricorns are not all about facts as they have a softer side and the emotional elements of the episode will stick to their taste as well. Also, it’s worth mentioning that this episode is the cause of many fan theories The Winchesters spin-off

2 Aquarius: “The French Mistake” (S6, E15)

Aquarians tend to be very open-minded people, which is a trait that is often needed when looking supernatural as the show is full of strange and quirky stories that never cease to amaze. When it comes to Supernatural, an Aquarius would surely enjoy a completely unique episode like “The French Bug.”

The characters are transported to a different dimension where their lives are a television show called supernatural and Sam and Dean are fictional characters played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, as in real life. The fourth wall was not only broken in this episode, it was shattered into pieces resulting in hilarity and Aquarius would surely appreciate it.

1 Pisces: “Slumber Party”

Pisces are dreamers, and will always enjoy fantasy and all the magical things that happen in fairy tales, which makes “Slumber Party” perfect for them. In this episode, the classic Wizard of Oz tale comes to life when Sam and Dean accidentally free Dorothy from an old Men of Letters device she’s been trapped in for years.

The Winchesters, along with Charlie, must help Dorothy face the Wicked Witch and the ensuing fight risks destroying the Bunker.

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