All Kvasir poem locations in God of War: Ragnarök

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Players who want to reach 100% God of War Ragnarok you will have to find, among other things, all the Poems of Kvasir. There are 14 scattered throughout the game, and collecting them all will require players to reach the later stages of God of War Ragnarok. These poems are considered artifacts and are therefore required to achieve 100% completion. Some players may also recognize them as references to other Playstation games, such as The Ghost of Tsushima and the horizon series


None of Kvasir’s poems can be missed; so players don’t have to worry about collecting them until they beat the game if they want to. After finding a poem, players can safely sell them to Brok and Sindri for some experience, as they still count towards the achievement and are automatically added to the codex. Players can start searching for these artifacts as soon as they arrive in the realm of Svartalfheim, but they will need to complete most of the game to find them all, so readers should be warned that this guide may contain some spoilers.

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The sunrise from nowhere

Players who prefer to follow a guide in video format can check out the YouTube channel Kakuchopurei who made a very helpful video detailing all the locations.

God of War Ragnarok Kvasir's Poems 1 - The sunrise from nowhere

Location Svartalfheim – Auvangar Wetlands
reference Horizon Zero Dawn

The first artifact in the poem can be found when players attempt to lift a gate to enter the dwarven realm in God of War: Ragnarok, as they will use a steel platform next to a water slide to climb to the upper platform. On this platform, you’ll find the first of Kvasir’s poems on a wooden table next to a chest.

Large Society Ground Orb, The Performance

God of War Ragnarok Kvasir's Poems 2 - Large Society Ground Orb, The Performance

Location Svartalfheim – Nidavellir
reference MLB: The show

Players can find this poem as soon as they reach the docks of Nidavellir. However, to get there, they’ll have to go through a Soundstone wall, which can only be destroyed with Sonic Arrows. They can be obtained by talking to the dwarf blacksmith Sindri in the market near the statue of Odin. After breaking through the wall, they should head west to the end of the pier to find the poem on top of a box.

We who remain, part of the second

God of War Ragnarok Kvasir's Poems 3 - We Who Remain, Part Two

Location Svartalfheim – Lyngbakr Island
reference The Last of Us: Part II

This artifact can be found on Lyngbakr Island, which appears during the Weighted in Chains side quest in Svartalfheim’s Bounty Bay. First, players should find a way to get on the south side of the island near the pier. After that, head west across the gaps to reach a platform with a chest and another poem next to a body on the ground.

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God of War Ragnarok Kvasir's Poems 4 - Tool and Bang

Location Svartalfheim – Jarnsmida Pitmines
reference Ratchet & Clank

After raising the platform towards the end of the Jarnsmida pits, players should use Kratos’ Leviathan Ax to block the water moving down the crane to the south, which will move the platform to the area where the poem is. When the platform stops moving, hang south from it to jump to the area with the steel tracks and follow them to find another Kvasir Poem.

Abandonment of the afterlife

God of War Ragnarok Kvasir's Poems 5 - Abandoning the afterlife

Location Alfheim – The Strong
reference Death Stranding

In The Strond, after using the Twilight Stone to destroy a wooden door, exit the room and drop down the ledge on the left. Then go further left and past the archway to find a room with a legendary chest and another God of War RagnarokEaster egg poem by Kvasir next to.

Views after the break

God of War Ragnarok Kvasir's Poems 6 - Visions After Rest

Location Alfheim – Temple of Light
reference Dreams

When exploring the Temple of Light, players will need to climb a ledge near the second gate of light, which will allow them to gain an angle on a Twilight Stone. On this balcony to the east, players can find the poem Kvasir next to a vase.

Spirits within the walls

God of War Ragnarok Kvasir's Poems 7 - Spirits within the walls

Location Alfheim – Temple of Light
reference Concrete genius

After using a wheel mechanism to lower a Twilight Stone and fighting Nightmare Packs, players will find themselves in an area with two paths. Go through the one on the left to find the poem sitting on a table.

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Heavenly Construction

God of War Ragnarok Kvasir's Poems 8 - Heavenly Construction

Location Alfheim – The Barrens
reference Astro games room

In the northeastern area of ​​The Barrens, players will find a giant skeleton. Near where its mouth would be is a climbable wall that allows players to enter it. Proceeding to the “back” of the creature’s remains, they will find another climbable wall, above which is one of God of War Ragnarokthe treasure chests and another poem by Kvasir.

When searching for a place not marked on maps

God of War Ragnarok Kvasir's Poems 9 - By searching for a place not marked on maps

Location Vanaheim – The Southern Wilds
reference Uncharted series

This artifact can be found under a stone slab in the middle of The Southern Wilds Market, which is only accessible at night. Players will need to stand on the catwalks and then jump off the ledge to smash and destroy the slab to reveal the poem.


God of War Ragnarok Kvasir's Poems 10 - Journey

Location Alfheim – The Forbidden Sands
reference Journey

In the northwestern section of The Barrens, players will find a Light Elf tower east of The Burrows. Towards the back, a platform will allow players to climb the tower, where they will find the Kvasir Poem.

Eastern spectrum

God of War Ragnarok Kvasir's Poems 11 - Eastern Wraith

Location Vanaheim – The Holes
reference The Ghost of Tsushima

After players defeat the Crag Jaw, they must go to the northwest corner of the arena and destroy the Red Fungi Bramble using Hex Bubble and Kratos’ Blazing Surge Blades of Chaos ability. After that, go through the gap and up the stairs to find Kvasir’s poem on the ground ahead.

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An organization: in the future

God of War Ragnarok Kvasir's Poems 12 - An organization in the future

Location Vanaheim – The jungle
reference The Order: 1886

Southwest of The Crater, players will find a tunnel on the south bank of the river bank leading south. The riverbank may or may not be filled with water, depending on whether players have completed the Return of the River quest. Otherwise, the only way to cross is at night. In the tunnel, players will eventually find a large gap, and in order to get to the other side, they will need to climb up the wall to their left. On the other side, they will find the poem in the corner next to a corpse.


God of War Ragnarok Kvasir's Poems 13 - Sanguinity

Location Svartalfheim – The Applecore
reference Transmitted by blood

Players will not be able to obtain this artifact until very late in the game when they return to the Applecore area a God of War Ragnarok and have the right tools to overcome certain obstacles. In this area, they must head to a high wall with a wind vent that they can now cover with a new item and then use it to climb to the top of the wall. There they will find a large rock with a yellow wind fissure that they can now destroy. A little further from the now destroyed rock, they will find a corpse on the ground and next to it, another one of Kvasir’s Poems.

The dead don’t ride

God of War Ragnarok Kvasir's Poems 14 - The dead do not ride

Location Midgard – The rowers
reference Days Gone

Players can find the last poem in the first room of The Oarsmen inside a secret area. However, it only becomes accessible after players defeat the Stalker above ground, solve the puzzles, and return underground to open the door to the starting area. From the entrance, head to the north side of the room and climb through the hole in the ceiling to find a previously inaccessible area containing a chest and the last of Kvasir’s Poems, putting players well on their way to 100% God of War Ragnarok.

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Sources: Youtube/Kakuchopure

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