Better Call Saul: The 10 Best Cold Opens, Ranked

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Breaking Badspin-off of Better call Saul he made his final bow in 2022 with a split season. The prequel came out to thunderous applause, showcasing a masterclass in superb acting, captivating conclusions and wonderful scenery.

Better call Saul it was a mix of genres, from comedy to crime to family drama. In addition to the excellent writing and direction, another amazing area of ​​the show was the opening teaser scenes for each episode. Whether in the form of flashback, real-time or forecast, Better call Saul he had some fantastic cold opens in his six seasons.


“This Guy”

Season 5 Episode 3

An image from the Better Call Saul episode The Guy For This

one of Better call Saul’The most memorable opening is also one of the most repulsive. “The Guy For This” focuses on the chocolate mint ice cream cone that Jimmy drops in the episode “50%”, with a lone ant climbing to the top of the cone before the rest of the colony arrives of ants

The ants provide a creepy feeling for the audience, but the scene is shot so masterfully that it adds to the atmosphere. The consumption of the ice cream is an icy parallel between Jimmy and his future success, showing that he will eventually fall too far into his clientele.


Season 1 Episode 8

An image from the RICO episode of Better Call Saul

In his TV journey, Jimmy McGill had incredible character development, with Bob Odenkirk portraying his ups and downs perfectly. The two would be seen in the cold open for the Season 1 episode “RICO.”

The opening shows Jimmy passing the bar exam through an online law school, making him incredibly successful, resulting in his first on-screen kiss with Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn). Unfortunately, this victory is short-lived when Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian) quietly informs Jimmy that he will not be hired at Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill. This rejection emphasizes Jimmy’s animosity towards both his brother Chuck (Michael McKean) and Howard.


Season 3 Episode 10

An image from the Better Call Saul Lantern episode

One of the most significant relationships in Jimmy’s character arc is with his brother Chuck. Their final interaction would occur in the season 3 finale “Lantern” when Jimmy tries to make amends and is rejected by Chuck. The opening scene of the episode is memorable in its irony.

“Lantern” opens with younger versions of the brothers reading in a tent. Showing a simpler time for the McGill boys, the camera zooms in on the flame of a gas lantern. This scene provides a foreshadowing to the end of the episode, in which Chuck escapes with his life through the fire of the lantern.


Season 2 Episode 8

Still from the episode of Better Call Saul Fifi

It’s not only that Better call Saul an incredible legal comedy, but which perfectly incorporates elements of emotion and intensity. How Breaking Bad revolved a lot around the world of drugs, it was only natural that the prequel followed the same course. The opening of “Fifi” would see cartel deliveryman Ximénez Lecerda (Manuel Uriza) go through a border patrol inspection at the US-Mexico border.

The scene captures the anxiety of the situation while integrating a nervous score. It’s beautifully shot with an emphasis on the primary colors of the Regalo Helado ice cream truck, making every frame pop.


Season 2 Episode 10

An image from the episode of Better Call Saul Klick

With the exception of his older brother Chuck, not much was revealed about Jimmy’s family life until the end of the second season “Klick”. The episode opens with Jimmy and Chuck at the hospital bedside of their dying mother, and how the scene plays out is pretty devastating.

Chuck lies to Jimmy about his mother’s last words, who had been begging for her young son before she collapsed. The scene shows the resentment and even jealousy that Chuck has for his brother, a sibling rivalry that would have an unresolved ending.

“Rock and Hard Place”

Season 6 Episode 3

An image from the Better Call Saul episode Rock and Hard Place

Better call Saul it had some intriguing characters, one of which was Nacho Varga, with his complexities played by Michael Mando. In the final season, Nacho would meet a sad death, which was foreshadowed in the opening scene of “Rock and Hard Place.”

The third episode shows an unharmed blue flower in the middle of a rainstorm, which takes place in the desert where Nacho commits a murder in the climax. “Rock and Hard Place” contributes even more Breaking Bad symbolism of the blue, as well as the end of Nacho’s journey.


A picture of the winner of the Better Call Saul episode

Season 4 Episode 10

Knowing Chuck’s dire outcome in the Season 3 finale “Lantern,” the cold-open flashback to the Season 4 finale “Winner” is especially bittersweet. After supporting Jimmy in front of the legal counsel committee, the brothers go out to celebrate, resulting in a karaoke rendition of ABBA’s “Winner Takes It All.”

The selection of “Winner Takes It All” means that Jimmy is in a winning phase right now, with the audience knowing what’s going to happen. This opener also highlights that the brothers were able to have enjoyable moments in their dysfunctional relationship.


Season 2 Episode 1

An image from the Switch episode of Better Call Saul

Better call SaulThe second season of ‘s started with a bang. As seen in the debut season, Jimmy is now as his previously mentioned Cinnabon manager avatar Gene Takavic in Breaking Bad. Filmed entirely in black and white, the focus on an iced Cinnabon is perhaps the show’s most delicious cold open, but what happens isn’t all that tasty.

Jimmy remains locked in a container for almost three hours to maintain his new identity. “Switch” shows that even as mild-mannered Gene, Jimmy still maintains his Saul Goodman persona.

“something stupid”

Season 4 Episode 7

An image from the Better Call Saul episode Something Stupid

A fascinating element of Better call Saul it was Jimmy’s relationship with an exciting supporting character Kim Wexler, with Bob Odenkirk and Rhea Seehorn nailing the chemistry between the two complex characters. As the seasons progressed, the heat began to simmer, as seen in Season 4’s “Something Stupid.”

Named after the song performed by Lola Marsh, the opening highlights how Kim and Jimmy are drifting apart as a couple while establishing their individual lives. The cold open would give way to another split screen effect with the penultimate episode of Season 5 “Bad Choice Road.”

“Wine and Roses”

Season 6 Episode 1

Saul in Better Call Saul (2015-2022)

Better call Saul she had stunning photography, which was especially evident in the Season 6 episode “Wine and Roses.” The final season premiere shows ostentatious displays of wealth recovered from an opulent mansion, which is revealed to have belonged to Saul Goodman.

Wonderfully directed by Michael Morris, the opening shows exactly how high Jimmy rose as Saul and how far he fell in the grandiose delusions of the high life. Like Icarus, he flew too close to the sun, discovering Saul Goodman’s rules and leading to his ultimate downfall.

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