God of War Ragnarök – All Things Left Behind Artifact Locations in Svartalfheim

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Things Left Behind is one of the many collections in God of War Ragnarok. Here’s how and where to find all six artifacts in Svartalfheim.

God of War: Ragnarok has improved many aspects found in 2018 god of war, including the number of collectibles such as artifacts. Throughout the franchise, players were expected to collect a large number of different items to flesh out the lore of each area. One of the first collections of God of War Ragnarok it is located in Svartalfheim. This realm is home to the dwarves and acts as the game’s first large explorable area.

Players must collect six artifacts, called Things Left Behind, in Svartalfheim. These items can be identified by a purple light above each object. Players can find some of these artifacts early on God of War: Ragnarok. For others, fans will need to explore the Realm and complete a specific side quest. Each of the artifacts left behind offers a glimpse into dwarven life. Finally, players who want to learn more about Svartalfheim will need to finish the collection.


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Where to complete the God of War: Ragnarok’s Things Left Behind collection (Svartalfheim)

God Of War Ragnarok Svartalfheim Things Left Behind Complete

Artifact Location Instructions
Bracer of Hreidmar Aiguamolls d’Aurvangar
  • Shortly after boarding the boat, there is a small island to the right.
  • Approach the shore, head to the chest and freeze the geyser on the left.
  • Use the Blades of Chaos to climb the cliff and retrieve the artifact.
Griep’s Firebomb grow old
  • Shortly after Sindri improves Atreus’ arrows, a path can be opened to the other side of Nidavellir.
  • After exiting the sewers, there are a few barrels directly to the west that can be broken.
  • Follow the path and take out the firebomb God of War: Ragnarok.
The pomegranate of Bari The Forge
  • After exiting the Nan train, follow the path until you reach a derailed minecart.
  • Climb up the wall to the right and immediately jump down to the left.
  • Bari’s grenade is under a stack of wooden structures.
Lofnheid Whetstone Jarnsmida Pitmines
  • Once Kratos and Atreus have crashed into the Jarnsmida Mines, a wave of enemies will attack.
  • On the same track, a chain goes down next to the big water slide.
  • Leave the ledge to find the next artifact.
Statue of Althjof The core of Apple
  • Travel through The Apple Core until you reach a fork in the path, with the right side blocked by gold ore.
  • Take the left path, jump to the right and shoot the fire pot to blow up the gold ore.
  • Now go back, continue down the right path and go through the double doors.
  • The statue of Althjof is on the left side.
Stone statue of Durinn The core of Apple
  • After regrouping with Atreus, players will notice a giant door.
  • To the left is a narrow path along the wall that Kratos can move.
  • Follow the corridor, then jump down and have Atreus shoot the dwarf ore.
  • This will allow players to collect the final part of the Things Left Behind collection God of War Ragnarok.

Those who want a visual guide can watch an excellent video from Abyx Gaming activated God of War: Ragnarok.

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Source: YouTube/Abyx Gaming

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