The Walking Dead: 10 Big Differences Between the Show and the Comic Ending

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This article discusses spoilers for the series finale The walking Dead.

The walking DeadThe original series ended on November 20, 2022. The series had deviated from the comic book stories that influenced it many times over the years. However, for the series finale, the final battle between the long-term survivors and the Commonwealth government played out in a similar method.

That said, the change of characters that survived until the end and the need to keep things fresh for the fans meant that alterations did occur. What is impressive The walking Dead The differences in the series ending and the final issues of the comics made the TV show a little more satisfying, while also leaving it open to spin-offs coming in 2023.


Pamela Milton shot Judith

Judith with a gunshot wound in The Walking Dead.

In the penultimate issue of The walking Dead comics, Sebastian Milton walked in and shot and killed an unsuspecting Rick Grimes. This was a shocking moment that led to Carl Grimes finding his father as a zombie and having to defeat him himself. Sebastian already died in the series and Rick is long gone.

It had to change, and what changed was an interesting twist. Pamela shot Judith Grimes in a shocking moment in the penultimate episode before the finale. This meant that the huge road to revenge was against Pamela and not against her son in the finale. This made it seem a little too close to previous battles with villains like The Governor, but it worked here.

Pamela ended up in prison

Pamela in prison at the end of The Walking Dead.

In the comics, after Sebastian Milton killed Rick Grimes, he was stopped. However, in an act of mercy, he lived. Instead of killing him, the Commonwealth upheld the laws of the land, and he ended up being sentenced to life in prison for the murder. The comics showed Pamela visiting her son in prison after stepping down from her role as governor of the powerful Commonwealth. Walking Dead group

In the end, it was Pamela who ended up in jail. The reason was different. He still had his army by his side, though many of them deserted. Instead, her army turned on her and arrested her for abandoning many of her own outside the gates of her mansion to die. His crime was not murder, but treason against his own people. It was better for the story than another senseless murder.

The explosive ending

The Walking Dead explosion at the end.

The greatest moments a The walking Dead The TV shows were nothing like what happened in the comics. Pamela basically barricaded herself in her giant house behind a door and left the people of the Commonwealth outside with the zombies taking over.

After arresting Pamela, the survivors escaped, then lured the zombies in with loud music, then used gasoline and dynamite to blow up the entire mansion and kill all the zombies in a moment that made for a great finale of television In the comics, it ended with Rick stopping the horde by fighting them, but then defected to Pamela, who ordered Rick’s death, claiming she was trying to take over. It was a better climax, but too low-key for the TV series.

The story of Rosita

Eugene and Rosita at the end of The Walking Dead.

Rosita was dead in the comics long before the final issue. The Whisperers killed her and left her head on a spike while she was pregnant. This was a horrible time, and The walking Dead The TV show saved her and took her to the finals.

She had her baby and began raising her with love when everything went wrong in the Commonwealth. This led to a fan favorite moment where it looked like the zombie horde was eating her and the baby. A mother fighter, she broke out of the horde and fought them, saving herself and Coco. Unfortunately, she ended up infected by the attack and died in the end, but Coco survived.

Carol and Daryl

Daryl and Carol at the end of The Walking Dead.

Two people who had a happy ending The walking Dead The season finale was Carol and Daryl. The fan dream couple parted ways as friends, with Daryl leaving to find Rick and Michonne and Carol saying she was staying in the Commonwealth.

They clearly created him for the TV show since none of these characters actually existed in the comics. The TV show created Daryl as an original character and Carol was nothing like the version in the comics who died in prison. She was more like Andrea, but in the end she was also an original character. However, both were main Walking Dead characters on television at the end.

Negan and Maggie

Negan and Maggie at the end of The Walking Dead.

In the comics, Negan and Maggie had the same rocky relationship that they did The walking Dead series The difference between the TV show and the comics was that Negan was in a very different place. In the comics, he lived as a hermit outside the Commonwealth, completely alone.

In the TV show, he had a new wife (Annie) and was there to help Maggie when she set out to kill Pamela. The two had a similar talk in the comics, about how she couldn’t forgive him, but it felt different because Negan didn’t end up completely alone on the AMC series.

Ezequiel is the new governor

Ezekiel and Mercer at the end of The Walking Dead.

In The walking Dead comics, Maggie became the new governor of the Commonwealth and ruled it fairly but strictly. He had Michonne there to help maintain the level of justice. However, in the TV series, there was no room for Maggie to rule this land. She wanted nothing to do with it.

Instead, Ezekiel was appointed the new governor. In the comics, Ezekiel was dead, with his head on a spike thanks to the Whisperers. In the TV show, he lived and ended up on top. He deserved it because, of all The walking Dead, he always ruled his people with justice. This change was for the better, and he even got Mercer to be his lieutenant governor to help sell everyone on the change.

Michonne Was Long Gone for The Walking Dead Finale

Michonne in The Walking Dead final reading diary

In the comics, Michonne moved to the Commonwealth, found her daughter, still alive, and ended up as the city’s judge. He got his happy ending and ended up saving Carl when he was put on trial for killing the zombies Hershel had.

This could not happen a The walking Dead end The difference from the comics was that Michonne made a surprising appearance in the final shots, as she is still searching for Rick Grimes, who is also alive, and trying to get back to find her family. This officially makes Rick the longest surviving character The walking Dead.

There was no distant leap into the future

Hershel and Carl argue at the end of Walking Dead.

One of the most disappointing differences between The walking Dead The ending and the comics is that there was no way forward to show how society had grown. In the future, Maggie’s son had grown up and started keeping “pet” zombies that he used in a carnival, and this put him at odds with an adult Carl Grimes, who lived alone outside of town.

The TV show didn’t care about that. Carl is dead and Judith doesn’t need this conflict. Instead, the show ended with a motto that they are the ones who lived, and ended with hope for the future. There will be spin-offs that expand the world, including one with Rick and Michonne, so that comic ending wasn’t possible anyway.

There was no history written down for future generations

Carl reading to his daughter Andrea in The Walking Dead comics.

In addition to not jumping far into the future, The walking Dead The ending differed from the comics in not having the entire story told from one generation to the next. At the end of the comics, Carl Grimes sat with his daughter on his lap and told her the story of her father leading people to a new beginning.

With Carl dead, many comic book fans thought Judith would fill that role. It didn’t happen. Judith was still a child at the end of the TV show since it ended a year later. It showed a new beginning, but removed the storybook ending. This was the biggest disappointment.

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