15 Best Christmas Movies of the Year, According to Reddit

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While some Christmas movies are about serious action or drama, the best movies to watch in December are the cheesy and heartwarming ones. These stories make people nostalgic for the past 12 months and hopeful for the year ahead, often conveying the message that family connections and love are the most meaningful parts of life.

From some movies from the ’90s that still make people feel warm and cozy to nostalgia, to Netflix releases from the past few years, Reddit fans are sharing their favorite Christmas movies that are definitely they can qualify as cheesy.

Updated on November 9, 2022 by Aya Tsintziras:

With Lindsay Lohan’s new Netflix movie Falling for Christmas getting fans excited about the upcoming holiday season, it’s the perfect time to revisit the feel-good movies about this time of year. From stories that take a different look at Santa to Hallmark movies about couples overcoming obstacles so they can be jolly and merry, there are plenty of movies Redditors recommend when people want more options to watch the holidays. No matter which movie people choose, they are sure to feel all the warm and cozy joy of the winter season.


Get Santa (2014)

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Santa Claus from the 2014 holiday movie Get Santa.

Redditor seth9341 responded in a thread, writing, “Liked it Get Santa.“When Steve Anderson is released from prison, his son Tom tells him that Santa Claus is on his property, leading to a chaotic set of events.

Although the movie isn’t very well known, it’s a sweet story about a father and son who work together in the spirit of Christmas to make sure the kids get the presents they’ve been wanting.

The Christmas Bunny (2010)

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The Christmas Bunny poster

Recommended Redditor moshpitwookie The Christmas bunny and wrote: “It’s ridiculously bad, but heartwarming. My teenage daughter and I watch it every year.”

A girl who is in foster care asks a character named Bunny Lady to help her with a rabbit she has discovered. The Christmas bunny it has the cheesy, feel-good tone of many other holiday movies and delivers the happy conclusion that viewers are looking for.

A December Bride (2016)

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Seth and Layla smiling in A December Bride

For Redditor CrimsonStorm43, “December Bride it’s my favorite since last year! I love it.” The Hallmark movie follows Layla O’Reilly, who asks Seth Murphy to her cousin’s Christmas wedding. They pretend to be engaged to each other, and as is often the case with these stories , they fall in love while keeping up the pretense.

A December bride it’s a good choice for Hallmark movie lovers and also for those who want a Christmas movie with good vibes and warmth. While it’s predictable that Layla and Seth will realize they have real feelings for each other, the ride is still sweet.

Four Christmases (2008)

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Kate and Brad sitting with family at Four Christmases

Featured redditor colinistthereason “Four Christmases“, like another sweet Christmas movie. Kate and Brad live in San Francisco, and spend the holidays with their parents. The problem is that their families are divorced, which makes every year an intense and chaotic

Four Christmases is a good choice because not only is it funny, but it’s also a good reminder that families don’t have to be perfect to care about each other and mean a lot to each other. It has a great message that is perfect for this time of year.

The Family Stone (2005)

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Rachel McAdams and Diane Keaton in The Family Stone

Redditor fourAMrain mentioned “The family stone” as a cheesy movie to watch during the winter holidays, and it’s definitely more of a tearjerker than some others. As the title suggests, it centers around a family coming together for Christmas.

Everett Stone and his partner Meredith are going home for the holidays, and since Meredith doesn’t get along very well with them, he can’t wait for the moment. Secrets are revealed throughout the story and there is a sad twist.

Jack Frost (1998)

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Jack and Charlie in Jack Frost

Redditor FullMetalPyramidHead asked “So bad that these are good Christmas movies to watch on my bad movie night?” and said they had looked jack frost.

Many people remember watching this movie during their childhood, and the story is definitely a heartwarming yet cheesy tearjerker. After he dies, Jack becomes a snowman and this allows him to still spend time with his son Charlie. If anyone is in the mood for a story about the meaning and importance of family, this cheesy movie is perfect.

Santa Claus (1994)

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Scott drinking hot cocoa with an elf in The Santa Clause

A Redditor suggested Father Christmasexplaining, “It’s structured like a superhero movie. The first half starts as an origin story, and the second half features a villainous performance by John Lithgow.”

There have been many Santa Claus movie characters, but this one is definitely special. Fans love the sweet story of Scott having to become this iconic figure, and while there’s no doubt it’s cheesy, this is comforting at Christmas when people want some cookies, eggnog , colorful tree lights and a family movie in the background.

Ernest Saves Christmas (1988)

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Ernest and Santa in Ernest Saves Christmas

Redditor so_CRATES91 suggested Ernest saves Christmas, writing “Pretty cheesy and a little dated, but it’s great fun holiday fun.” Most likely, many people have seen at least one movie about Ernest, who finds himself in all kinds of chaotic and silly situations.

Many people remember the Ernest movies from when they were growing up, and while the Halloween movie is memorable, this one sees Ernest helping Santa. It’s incredibly cheesy and will feel nostalgic and funny to anyone who has seen some of the other movies about this grumpy character.

Jingle All The Way (1996)

Streams on Starz and DirecTV

Arnold Schwarzenegger meets a group of mall Santas in Jingle All the Way

Jingle all the way it’s a confusing movie, but there’s something about it that makes it a favorite to revisit over the winter holidays.

One Redditor mentioned this movie and said, “I really like Jingle on a nostalgic level.” The cheese factor is very important in this story, which sees Howard doing everything in his power to find a toy for his son Jamie. The movie gets pretty chaotic and yet it’s always nice to see Howard become so determined and passionate about achieving his goal.

Handcuffed Vacation (2006)

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Melissa Joan Hart holding Mario Lopez's hand in the promotional poster for Holiday In Handcuffs

In response to a thread about cheesy Christmas movies, Redditor Brouck6 suggested Vacation in handcuffs and said “I watch this movie EVERY year since it first aired.”

There are many common TV Christmas movie plots, from people posing as couples to a woman reconnecting with an ex-boyfriend. Vacation in handcuffs involves a kidnapping, as Trudie wants a fake boyfriend so she can prove to her parents that she’s not single, and she makes sure David comes with her. The ending is predictable, but that’s part of the fun.

Christmas with the Kranks (2004)

Jamie Lee Curtis and Tim Allen are under a falling snow at Christmas with the Kranks

In a Reddit thread about guilty pleasure Christmas movies, one Redditor said they love them Christmas With The Kranks because “sometimes I feel like the Kranks at Christmas” because Christmas is “expensive” but the true meaning of the holiday season is treating people with love and compassion.

While some families love going out for Christmas, others do something more low-key and everyone can relate to this story. It’s definitely a silly movie that sometimes goes astray, but it works.

I’ll Be Home for Christmas (1998)

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Jonathan Taylor Thomas in I'll Be Home for Christmas

Redditor the_almighty_deacons says his guilty pleasure movie is “I’ll Be Home For Christmas starring JTT” because it “Really gives off a great late 90s feel.”

This movie is based on the most beloved 90s Christmas movies and fans remember Jake trying to get home for the holidays. The only problem? He has no ID or money because his girlfriend breaks up with him at the worst possible time.

The Christmas Chronicles (2018)

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Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell as Mrs. Claus and Santa Claus in The Christmas Chronicles

Some newer Christmas movies can also be considered cheesy and funny. Redditor SK_Nerd said his guilty pleasure holiday movie is The Chronicles of Christmas, writing that it has “Some good things, some bad things” and added, “But the runtime flew by and who doesn’t love a bearded Kurt Russell?”

There are several movies that deal with saving Christmas and this is a version of that family story, with Teddy and Kate thinking it will be fun to get on Santa’s sleigh. Unfortunately, an accident means no one gets presents unless the kids can figure out a clever plan to make sure the holidays still happen.

The Christmas Card (2006)

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Alice and Cody hugging in The Christmas Card

The best Hallmark Christmas movies are the ones that fans can watch over and over again, and many fans watch the same movies every holiday season.

One Redditor said that he and his wife watch The Christmas card annually, writing “It’s a Hallmark movie, and it’s one of the cheesiest.” The film continues Hallmark’s tradition of sad yet hopeful stories, and this one focuses on Cody, a soldier who meets Alice, whose husband is a fellow soldier who dies tragically. Cody loves the card Alice wrote for her late partner, and of course the two fall in love. It’s a perfect feel-good story for Christmas.

The Princess Switch (2018)

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Vanessa Hudgens doubles in Netflix's popular A Princess Switch

In response to a thread about cheesy Christmas movie recommendations, Redditor ADomenico86 suggested “Princess Switch.”

There are now three films in the franchise and the first will always be loved. It’s hard not to get caught up in the fluffy, warm-hearted story of a baker named Stacy who switches places with Margaret. It’s not a perfect movie, but it will work well for any holiday movie night when someone wants a cheesy, heartwarming story.

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