The 10 Best Holiday Movie Tropes in Santa Claus

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The new Disney+ series The Santa Clauses collect where Father Christmas the trilogy was left, with Scott Calvin and his family enjoying a nice and cozy life at the North Pole. said Tim Allen parade who didn’t think she’d reprise the role after the 2006 film: “No! Absolutely not. I’m never doing it again, leaving there. [singing] “Never do that again.”

The Santa Clauses will have six festive and cheery episodes, and there are plenty of Christmas movie tropes that are present throughout. The series examines the world of this cheerful character and his family and also features elves who are working hard to ensure that children have perfect holidays year after year.


A workaholic father

Santa Simon Choksi

One of the best Christmas movies is when a character works too hard and then finds love. Because they meet their soulmate during the most wonderful time of the year, it’s even sweeter. The Santa Clauses does not include any love story in the first few episodes. But the show has a workaholic father in Simon Choksi.

Simon loves his daughter Grace more than anything, but he has career ambitions that cause him stress and a busy schedule. There’s definitely hope that this trope will play out for Simon to find someone to share his life with or at least some peace and happiness.

Lose the Christmas magic

Scott/Santa Claus and Carol/Mrs.  Elf Workshop Clause in The Santa Clauses

There is nothing sadder than when the characters stop thinking that Christmas is worth celebrating. In the first episode, Grace explains that the kids say “Santa Claus is over” and that they don’t believe in the magic of Christmas anymore.

When Santa delivers presents on Christmas Eve with his fellow Santa, he is surprised to discover that the list of children has grown smaller over the years. Santa realizes that people no longer have the same love for the holiday, which is devastating. This threatens his sense of purpose and makes him wonder what it all means.

Santa Claus and his family

Santa Claus Supporting cast

The best cinematic depictions of Santa Claus often include his family members as well, and this is always a poignant trope. Scott is happily married and loves being a father to his two children and living in the cozy North Pole.

This Santa Claus is busy spreading Christmas cheer and making sure his workshop runs smoothly. He loves his family, but it’s clear from the first few episodes that he doesn’t spend as much time with them as they would like. This is all part of the trope.

Mrs. Clause

Christmas clause Santa clauses

While some movies use Christmas movie tropes in a straightforward way, others make fun of them or add a twist. This is The Santa Clauses does with his portrait of Mrs. Clause

Mrs. Clause is one of the best characters on the show. He is aware of the common trope of this figure and explains that Mrs. Clause traditionally wears a red and white dress and has no first name. He wonders why he doesn’t know his own name and it’s clear that he wants to be more independent.

Make sure Christmas can still be celebrated

Carol and Scott sitting and talking at The Santa Clauses

In the original film, Scott is tasked with taking care of Santa and aims to make Christmas as wonderful as ever. The trope of making sure the holidays go off without a hitch is present in the Disney+ series.

Of course, Christmas stories always have obstacles, and that’s part of the fun of watching them. It is clear that like other previous holiday tales, The Santa Clauses it will have a happy ending, which is the appeal of the genre.

Simon and Grace in their office in The Santa Clauses

Father Christmas The trilogy has funny characters but also some serious moments. Before becoming the holly, jovial character he plays, Scott works at a toy company and doesn’t care about Christmas anymore as he’s sad and lonely. Simon has a similar career, although he is CEO of Everything Now.

The trope of families trying to buy a popular toy for Christmas has been used in several films, most famously in Jingle all the way. The Santa Clauses plays on this trope by having Simon answer questions on TV news about why parents can’t find the toys he sells in time for the holidays.

Santa has trouble using a chimney

Scott/Santa sitting at a desk in The Santa Clauses

While there are a few twists on Santa in movie history, moviegoers always know what to expect: a man in a red and white suit who loves cookies, rides a sleigh driven by reindeer, and delivers presents through of a chimney The series uses the trope of Santa finding it harder to use the chimney than he expected.

In a sweet and heartwarming scene, Santa visits Sarah, who he visited in the first film and who is now grown up. Santa cannot leave the house through the chimney as he realizes that he has lost his magic as a result of which the children no longer believe.

Elves in Santa’s workshop

betty the santa clauses episode 2

Another fun game is watching the elves in Santa’s workshop. The environment is often stressful and chaotic, although the elves have a lot of fun. There are some engaging scenes between Santa and Betty, his chief of staff who is also married to Noel. Santa relies on Betty to keep Christmas as flawless as ever. There’s also a fun version of Cyndi Lauper’s song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” but with new lyrics about elves.

When Santa Claus jokes about the holiday of the elves, everyone is eager to start preparing toys for the coming Christmas. It is clear that the elves love their work and believe that what they are doing is important.

A family suffering the loss of a parent or partner

Simon and Grace at their home in The Santa Clauses

The best Hallmark Christmas movies often feature the trope of a family that has lost someone. In The Santa ClausesSimon and Grace are grieving the loss of their wife or mother, and this loss is felt even more painfully at Christmas.

This trope often makes someone fall in love again, whether their marriage has ended or they’ve lost a partner. It’s still unclear if that will happen here, as Simon’s story seems to be mostly focused on his job, but it’s definitely a possibility.

Will a new Santa take over?

Santa Clause and Betty in The Santa Clauses

Several films use the trope of a new Santa who dons a red suit and delivers presents to happy, hopeful children. Since Scott becomes Santa Claus in the original 1994 film, it makes sense that the TV series shows him thinking about him passing the torch. Santa is having trouble because he’s lost his magic and doesn’t think he has much of a future at the North Pole.

How The Santa Clauses continues towards its season finale, it will be compelling to see if Scott keeps his job or wants to go back to a normal life. One thing is for sure, she loves the joy she brings to the children and has cherished every moment of her joyous journey.

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