10 Movie Franchises That Take Place in the Shortest Time Period

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John Wick: Chapter 4 is one of the most anticipated films of 2023, and now fans are raving about the newly released trailer, which is full of headshots, ax-throwing and globe-trotting. What’s more interesting is that it continues immediately after John Wick: Chapter 3which he chose a few seconds later John Wick: Chapter 2and that picked up right where John Wick left. In total, the whole John Wick The series has been going on for just a couple of weeks, but it’s not over yet.

However, the John Wick The series is not the first series to have so many films focused on such a short period of time. Where most time in cinematic universes accurately reflects the time that has passed between releases, some franchises have had multiple franchises that span a few months or even days.


Harry Potter

Hermoine, Harry and Ron together at Hogwarts.

Seven years might not exactly be a short amount of time, especially when compared to trilogies that take place in just a few days. However, it is extremely short considering how many movies there are in the franchise. The Harry Potter The series consists of eight films, and these films span Harry’s time in high school.

As the Wizarding World began the trend of splitting the final novels of the YA series into two films, the number of films spanning seven years became even larger with Deathly Hallows, Part 1 i Part 2. However, there is an argument to be made for this The Deathly Hallows it would have been better as a movie, even if the large number of releases in relation to the short period of time is impressive.


saw bear trap

Considering that the saw The movies are getting more and more complicated with each consecutive release, it is extremely difficult to untangle the franchise timeline. However, the complicated series takes place in such a short period of time because most of the films happen at the same time.

When the Jigsaw Killer John Kramer dies Sierra III, the following films are mostly told in flashbacks, and the various cheats and games are revealed to be happening at the same time. Out of spiral, the eight films based on John Kramer have a time span of about two years. The only exception is that half Puzzle takes place 10 years after the events of sawbut even then, the other half takes place right before the first movie.

The Bourne Trilogy

Matt Damon as Jason Bourne

Although many would argue that the spy thriller trilogy was tarnished by 2016 Jason Bournethe original Bourne trilogy, which consists of The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacyi The Bourne Ultimatum, is a perfect trilogy. It also happens in a surprisingly short period of time.

There are only 18 months between identity i supremacyi ultimatum pick up right where supermecia left. And even though The Bourne Legacy it tells a completely different story about a different agent, it still happens directly afterwards ultimatum. So not including the legacy sequel Jason Bournethe four Bourne the movies all happen in a year and a half.

The Matrix trilogy

Thomas Anderson in The Matrix

The matrix The trilogy is no longer, like last year The Matrix Resurrections continued the franchise and received a mixed reception. And while The Matrix revolutions is not without many flaws, the three-neck has a definitive ending with Neo sacrificing himself for humanity. He’s come a long way since he was first told that his entire life is a lie and that what he believes to be reality is a sham, but it all happened in a surprisingly short period of time.

Although fans would have the impression that it was over four years, that was the gap between them the matrix i The Matrix Reloaded, it was actually only six months. In ReloadedMorpheus explains that more minds have been freed in six months than in the last six years.

The Friday trilogy

Ice Cube in The Friday Trilogy

The Friday The trilogy was made over the course of seven years, like the original Friday was launched in 1995, Next Friday was released in 2000 and Friday after next it was released in 2002. But the actual time span of the franchise is only a fraction of that. As the titles suggest, each film takes place over three consecutive Fridays, which is just two weeks.

The stoner comedy franchise has a plot that shouldn’t be taken seriously, but the short time frame creates some hilarious plot holes. Within days, Deebo has been tried, convicted, and escaped from prison. a pitchfork, last fridayhas been stuck in development hell for years (through Comicbook.com), and fans are dying to find out what happens the Friday after the Friday after the next.

Phase 1 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Tony Stark talks to Nick Fury in Iron Man 2

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is now so expansive, and there are 30 films in the franchise at this point, but while it’s not an entire franchise, Phase 1 stands out for taking place over such a short period of time. The universe is full of time jumps, with end game even jumping five years into the future, but phase 1 only lasts a week.

Although not revealed in the films, it is explained in the official tie-in comic, Fury’s big weekthis Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thorand the last scene Captain America: The First Avenger they all take place within seven days of each other. That’s a staggering amount of destruction taking place in America without a single person realizing it.

The Trilogy of the Three Colors

Dominique stands behind a chain link fence in three colors: red

The Three Colors The trilogy is a group of psychological dramas that are intertwined, with main characters from each of the films making small appearances in all of them. All three films have a total running time of less than a week, and while each has a distinct narrative, they are all closely connected thematically.

The movies even have scenes in the same place and the same date and time, just following different characters. Where like the trilogies Indiana Jones i The Lord of the Rings often cited as the greatest trilogies of all time, the Three Colors The trilogy is indisputably the most consistent and by far three of the most inventive dramas in history.

The Jersey Trilogy

Kevin Smith in Mallrats

Most of writer/director Kevin Smith’s comedies take place in the same world, which he calls the View Askewniverse, and the universe consists of nine films. However, the first three films in the franchise, and the first three films that Smith directed, employees, spoiled bratsi Chasing Amythey are generally known as the Jersey Trilogy.

And while time is relatively unimportant, as each release tells a story disconnected from the other, they take place within such a short time of each other. The three films are within a few days of each other, and spoiled brats is set just one day earlier employees. Although fans have the perception that Jay and Silent Bob are lazy, they certainly had a bit of a busy week. with Mallrats 2 under development, it’s a wonder if it’s set a day before the new release Employees III.

The Evil Dead Trilogy

Ash with a boomstick in Army of Darkness

The Evil Dead trilogy is only a period of four days from the beginning of The Evil Dead until the end of Army of Darkness, as each film takes place over the course of a day and a night. The horror-comedy sees Ash expertly battling Deadites and becoming more adept with his shotgun he calls a “boomstick” and his chainsaw hand.

Evil Dead 2 might see Ash fall through a portal and land in medieval times, but it’s still just a day in Ash’s timeline. However, if viewers watch the alternate ending of Army of Darknessthe series spans an unknown amount of centuries, as Ash wakes up in a dystopian future.

Back to the future

Doc and Marty cross the border in Back to the Future Part III

The time period of Back to the future The trilogy can be seen in different ways. Since the franchise is all about time travel, Doc and Marty travel to 1885 Back to the Future Part III and in the future until 2015 Back to the Future Part II. While that’s technically in the past now, the movie was released in 1990 and is set in 1985, making it 30 years in the future.

So the film essentially spans 130 years, but from the beginning Part I until the end of Part III, only takes place for about two weeks from Marty’s perspective. However, technically the entire trilogy spans only two days, as the first scene Part I it is 8:18 am on October 25, 1985 and the final scene of Part III is October 27. But it would have been much shorter if the characters were smarter.

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