Supernatural: 10 Most Likeable Villains, Ranked

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The Winchesters has brought some original characters from supernatural back, but villains have been largely excluded from the new story. However, the new prequel also has a complex cast of villains that resembles the original.

There were dozens of villains throughout Supernatural’s 15 seasons. While many of them were purely evil with no redeeming qualities, there were also some complex villains who weren’t entirely evil or had a reasonable explanation for their evil ways.


10/10 rowena

Rowena watching something on Supernatural.

Rowena has her ups and downs throughout the series. Although she starts out as a clear villain, she ends up helping the brothers and ultimately ends up making one of the bravest sacrifices to save the world. Even after learning that she has become the Queen of Hell, she is still not portrayed as a villain in the end.

Rowena is considered one of the best villains according to fans. He ends up being a good person who redeems himself. However, much of his personality and backstory has to do with looking out for his own interests. While this is understandable given her unique circumstances, it makes her one of the least likable villains.

9/10 Crowley

Crowley sitting in Supernatural

Although he was a demon who did ruthless things, Crowley was a villain who deserved to win in the end. He did some things to thwart the Winchesters, but he also became a valuable ally and eventually sacrificed himself to help take down Lucifer.

Crowley had a rough childhood and sad adulthood that led to him selling his soul to a crossroads demon, making his backstory sympathetic. Although his demonic nature made him less than healthy, he respectfully tried to create order in Hell.

8/10 Death


Death was one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse who was controlled by Lucifer to try to end the world. Even though he is the main Reaper himself, death is really there to create a balance between the living and the dead.

He was only evil in the sense that he was helping to end the world, but that was because he was under a spell. Therefore, although death itself cannot be considered entirely good, it did little wrong but it did its job. This aspect is also what makes Billie only an understated villain when she takes Death’s place as leader of the reapers.

7/10 Lucifer

Supernatural: Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer

Lucifer is the embodiment of evil in this series. However, his story is the traditional archangel story repeated over and over, making him likable in the sense that he was fired by his own father, which made him evil.

Lucifer is one of those villains who is likable because his nature is what causes his terrible actions and it is something so ingrained in him that it is inevitable that he will continue to do bad things. While Lucifer has some absurd weaknesses, his power as the father of evil and an archangel makes his evil behavior understandable (even if ultimately inexcusable).

6/10 Amara

Supernatural Dean and Amara

Amara is darkness itself, and in other words, the balance between evil and good. She and God’s (or Chuck’s) creation brought about a balance in the universe that was essential to creating Earth and all the power of the galaxy.

She nearly destroyed the world and chose her brother over the stability of her universe, making her a controversial character. However, she is another character who cannot control the nature of her powers and existence, making her likable in the sense that she only did what she was literally created to do.

5/10 Meg

A split image shows the demon known as Meg Masters, played by Nicki Aycox and Rachel Miner on Supernatural

Meg is one of the many villains who goes from extremely evil to somewhat useful. Meg is initially a villain who helps Azazel and later works with Lucifer. However, she later ends up helping Sam and Dean fight Crowley when he tries to use the angel tablet.

Meg becomes one of the most sympathetic villains when she ends up caring for a distressed Castiel and eventually falls in love with him. Her love for Castiel, and her hatred for Crowley, make her help the Winchesters and sacrifice themselves so they can escape the demon. Her change of heart and admirable sacrifice make her one of the most respectable villains in the series.

4/10 Adam

Adam Milligan from Supernatural.

Adam Milligan, the Winchester half-brother, doesn’t become a villain until the final season. After spending a decade in Hell, he allies himself with Michael as the archangel helps him get him out of the cage and back to the real world, though Michael does so by taking Adam’s body as a vessel .

His return allows his brother to make amends for abandoning him, and he settles for his apology when Michael is destroyed, killing Adam along with him. Adam isn’t necessarily a villain per se, he allies himself with one. He is a likable character because despite his questionable decision, he was abandoned and left to survive in hell for many years.

Metatron takes the grace out of Castiel in Supernatural

Metatron is one of the most disliked villains in the entire series. He started out as God’s Scribe, but became a villain when God forgets him. He becomes a major obstacle for the Winchesters when he incites and leads an angel rebellion that threatens the entire world.

Even though Metatron tries to take over the world, making it one of the most vile villains, he is likable because he sees the greatness in humanity that even the Creator himself cannot. He proves to be a more complex character when he asks Chuck to see what incredible humans he has created.

2/10 Amy

Amy Pond standing in the shadows in Supernatural.

Amy Pond is a monster that Sam met as a child and later becomes a case they investigate when she starts killing people to take their brains. However, when it is revealed that she usually only eats the dead and only killed to heal her sick son, she proves to be a very likable villain.

There’s certainly no excuse for killing people, but it was admirable and understandable that Amy would do it to protect her son. She had been raised by a murderous mother and had vowed never to kill people, which made her all the more likable because she had no intention of killing until she was forced to choose between her evil side and her son’s life.

1/10 Jack

Jack looks confused on Supernatural.

Jack Kline is one of the most controversial characters in the series. Some fans love him and some can’t stand his inclusion. Either way, viewers are conflicted about whether to call him a villain or not, especially since he takes the place of God in the end.

Whether he can be considered a villain or not, it was definitely wrong for him to kill Mary Winchester and then try to hide it from his children. However, Jack has a complicated history and struggles with his powers from the moment he was born. His complex history makes him likable even if he commits heinous acts in a moment of uncontrollable anger.

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