The 10 Best Ironheart Comics Ever

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Riri Williams makes her debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The film somewhat adapts its best Marvel comics, taking core ingredients from its origin and remixing them for live action. The comics are likely to paint a picture for MCU fans curious about how the character continues in the next one iron heart Disney+ streaming series.

Ironheart debuted relatively recently in the Marvel Universe, making his first appearance in The invincible iron man #7 in 2016. His jump to live-action confirms just how appealing a character he is, and his comic book stories foreshadow a strong MCU future for the character, played by Dominique Thorne in the film and series eventually


10/10 Invincible Iron Man Vol. 3 #9

Ironheart makes his first appearance in Marvel Comics.

Ironheart, co-created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Mike Deodato, makes his first cameo in The invincible iron man #7. His first full appearance comes at #9, and is a debut for the Agents. He takes on his school officials in his homemade Iron Man armor, inspired by the original.

The new film adapts his expulsion from school and his original self-made armor, but so far, the connections between Ironheart and Iron Man remain nebulous in the MCU.

9/10 Invincible Iron Man Vol. 2 #13

Tony Stark inspects Ironheart's armor in Marvel Comics.

A bond between Riri Williams and Tony Stark can still exist in the MCU, and this one does The invincible iron man Flight. 2 #13 essential reading. This issue brings them together for the first time, making Stark a mentor to the young inventor. He sanctions her to be a superhero after discovering her work and approving it.

Their relationship goes through many twists and turns. This connection is difficult in the MCU due to Stark’s death Avengers: Endgamebut the comics already explained it.

8/10 Invincible Iron Man Vol. 3 #1

A Tony Stark hologram appears to Riri Williams in Marvel Comics.

The invincible iron man resets with a new volume and a new #1, as well as a new status quo for Ironheart. Tony’s role as mentor evolves, with him now helping her as a holographic AI avatar, not unlike JARVIS in the MCU. This comic starts a critical dynamic that will likely pay off in some form in the live action.

There are numerous powerful variants of Iron Man in Marvel Comics, but the holographic may be the most significant to the MCU. The movies already established Tony created holograms to leave behind as messengers and can do it again with Riri.

7/10 Invincible Iron Man Vol. 3 #3

Riri Williams dons her new Ironheart armor in Marvel Comics.

Ironheart goes from his DIY armor to a much more advanced Wakandan vibe pretty quickly in the new movie, but in the comics, it takes a little longer. His slow build of his iconic red and gold armor pays off The invincible iron man Flight. 3 #3 when he first dons the suit to fight giant demons.

This comic also has another value for Marvel fans as it depicts their first meeting with Pepper Potts. If Tony Stark considers Riri’s future in the MCU, Pepper might as well.

6/10 Invincible Iron Man Vol. 3 #6

Ironheart meets The Champions in Marvel Comics.M

The Champions certainly have Ironheart’s live-action future in mind. Ironheart meets The Champions The invincible iron man Flight. 3 #6 and receives an offer to join the group of teenage superheroes, which includes Ms. Marvel, Miles Morales and other characters. La Champions opens Riri’s world in a spectacular way, making this a fundamental theme.

Ms. Marvel’s best comic book stories involve The Champions and Ironheart, making it likely that this comic team will hit the screen soon.

5/10 Secret Empire #2

The Champions enlist Black Widow to stop Steve Rogers in the Secret Empire comics.

Secret Empire hinges on the revelation that Steve Rogers had been a Hydra agent all along, among Marvel Comics’ most controversial retcons. While the MCU may shy away from the story, it plays a prominent role in Ironheart’s comic history. In Secret Empire #2, joins his fellow Champions to help Black Widow kill Steve Rogers.

With the stakes including democracy and freedom, Ironheart logs on. As the operation progresses, he eventually withdraws when the attempt on Rogers fails fatally.

4/10 Champions #10

Ironheart fights Blackheart in Marvel Comics.

Sasha Baron Cohen to play Mephisto, among the most powerful magical beings in Marvel Comics, in the upcoming iron heart series Mephisto’s appearance in the series will probably raise some eyebrows among fans, but there is a connection to the comics. Mephisto’s son Blackheart turns Ironheart against his friends champions #10

Blackheart takes advantage of Riri’s discomfort with Viv Vision’s feelings for her. He manipulates her anger and doubts into open animosity, though once Riri gets a chance to clear things up with Viv, she breaks his hold on her.

3/10 Heart of Iron #9

Ironheart appears with Shuri and the Dora Milaje in Marvel Comics.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever tapped into Ironheart’s connection to Shuri in Marvel Comics. This is played inside iron heart #9 when he travels to Wakanda and teams up with Shuri and the Dora Milaje to stop the Ten Rings from opening the Source. The ten ring connection makes the comic even more compelling.

The Ten Rings organization plays a prominent role in the MCU and could be considered in the Ironheart series if Riri’s interest in advanced technology leads her down murky paths. In later comics, he infiltrates the organization.

2/10 Infinite Countdown: Champions #2

Thanos fighting Ironheart and the Champions.

Infinite Countdown: Champions #2 features an epic battle between The Champions and Thanos. Unfortunately for Ironheart, Thanos proves his position among the most powerful cosmic beings in the Marvel Universe. He destroys her extremely durable armor with a single blast of energy, leaving her completely vulnerable.

While a showdown between Thanos and Ironheart is likely staying in the comics, this shocking and consequential event could take place with another powerful villain like Kang The Conqueror.

1/10 Champions #5

The Champions fighting CRADLE of Champions #2.

A story likely to be adapted by the MCU comes to its epic conclusion champions #5. outlawed sees the government ban teenage superheroes after a disastrous battle leaves Ms. Marvel seriously injured. The Champions are on the run from CRADLE, the highly equipped agency dedicated to apprehending them.

Ironheart takes center stage in the story arc, with his peers suspecting him to be a government mole. That’s not the case, and she leads the team in an epic showdown with CRADLE that may already have its origins in live action with Damage Control looking for Kamala Khan.

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