Mario Party: 10 Best Minigames

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with Mario party i Mario Party 2 Just brought to the Nintendo Switch Online N64 Expansion Pass, fans can return to the beloved game series and take a trip down memory lane.

Mario Party Superstars even newly revamped classic mini-games that made the titles perfect for getting friends to become indescribably mad at each other with their competitive yet thoroughly entertaining nature. From “Granite Getaway” to “Booksquirm,” many minigames have become fan favorites that excite players, but some stand out as the best of the best.


Burnstile (Mario Party 6)

Burnstile minigame in Mario Party 6

One of the easiest 2v2 minigames in the series, Mario Party 6Each team’s “Burnstile” jumps over a rotating turnstile onto circular platforms surrounded by lava.

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With each turn, the turnstile moves faster and faster, until both players on one team are knocked down to the burning floor below. Proving who had the best timing and fastest reflexes, the mini-game gives players an adrenaline rush that’s equal parts fear and excitement, testing their ability to stay cool under the pressure of a incredibly addictive way.

Rocky Road (Mario Party 6)

Rocky Road minigame in Mario Party 6

Playable in both Mario Party 6 i Mario Party Superstars“Rocky Road” has a Shy Guy (or Toad in Superstars) lead players to five sets of blocks, which must be destroyed for a team to advance to the next set.

Players race against each other, kicking and punching the large rocks until each part of the road is cleared, the winners continue down the road after the largest of the rocks is smashed to pieces. As if 2-vs.-2 wasn’t competitive enough, players can accidentally hit their teammates and stun them, causing them to lose. But that’s exactly what makes the classic minigame so fun and unpredictable to play.

Wrasslin’ Rapids (Mario Party 6)

Wrasslin' Rapids minigame in Mario Party 6

The classic battle minigame, “Wrassling’ Rapids,” pits all players against each other in a violent free-to-play game on a wooden raft. Rushing down a cascading river, players must try to punch and kick each other to eliminate them.

The entertaining intensity of the mini-game only gets more intense as obstacles start appearing, making players avoid getting hit by others and things like falling nuts that can stun them, giving their enemies a chance to of combining them outside the ring. Being the last player standing is one of the best feelings that few other minigames can give, making it an instant classic in Mario Party 6.

Disable or lose (Mario Party 5)

Disable or lose mingame in Mario Party 5

“Defuse or Lose” is a race against time in which two King Bob-ombs appear, each of their fuses sparking and threatening to explode the players. In an attempt to blow out all three fuses per 2v2 team, players must extinguish the sparks, which follow a fixed tail and ignite quickly.

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Whichever team spark that arrives, the first blast of their King Bob-omb, sending them flying into the air and off the screen. The panic of each character and player is fun to watch, making the minigame that much more fun. The suspense of which team will be blown up first is certainly exciting, making “Defuse or Lose” a fan favorite. Mario Party 5.

Bonanza! (Mario Party 6)

Bonanza!  minigame in Mario Party 6

The minigame “Boonanza!” pit two players against each other as they try to collect the pinkest boos in their own pen before time runs out. Whoever has the most boos when time runs out wins, with a parade of boos behind them.

Whenever a player approaches a boo, it moves away from the player, making it easier to take the little ghosts wherever the player wants them. Herding the cute little entities is not only incredibly satisfying and a lot of fun, but it makes “Boonanaza!” one of the least frustrating Duel minigames Mario Party 6carving a place in every player’s heart.

Pushy Penguins (Mario Party 5)

Pushy Penguins minigame in Mario Party 5

Responsible for some of the funniest Mario party memes, “Pushy Penguins” is a 4-player minigame in which players must fight to stay atop a polar ice cap while a stampede of little blue penguins rush towards them.

The flock pushes players back for 30 seconds as they try to get through the crowd and not fall off the edge into the water, where the penguins are jumping. Fairness and pure chaos of the Mario Party 5 The mini-game is as laughable as it is adorable, the penguin friends are the icing on the cake of an almost perfect competition.

Granite Escape (Mario Party 6)

Granite Getaway Mario Party 6 minigame

Based on an iconic scene from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, “Granite Getaway” has players running through a cave for their lives from a massive falling rock. While holding down the left stick, 4 players must dodge and jump over obstacles or face being crushed by the gigantic rock.

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Funky and floating physics of the Mario Party 6 The minigame makes it tricky for players, especially since characters can’t move their direction mid-jump, but that just makes it all the more fun. Proving who was the best at controlling his character, the euphoric feeling of reaching the end as the sole survivor is unmatched.

Booksquirm (Mario Party 4)

Booksquirm minigame in Mario Party 4

One of the prettiest and best minigames to make a comeback Mario Party Superstars is none other than Mario Party 4“Booksquirm”, a 4-player competition where everyone escapes through the pages of a giant book, trying to find the holes in each page each time a new page is turned before they flatten.

With the highest skill ceiling of any minigame in the series, to the point where it can last an impressive amount of time if players have mastered it, the game shows the true dedication of a player to building the necessary skill to win There is even a more competitive and challenging version for these players called “Challenge Booksquirm”, which can be up to 99 pages long.

Jump The Gun (Mario Party 6)

Jump the Gun minigame in Mario Party 6

Mario Party 6 not only does it have some of the best boards out there Mario party, but also the best minigames. The 2v2 “Jump the Gun” minigame may be pretty simple, but it puts players through a test of confidence as one partner jumps from Bullet Bill to Bullet Bill while the other shoots them as cannons in place because the player can land.

Jumping early or firing a Bullet Bill in the wrong place is enough to cause a loss, if the other team doesn’t slip as well, putting pressure on everyone to work smoothly as a team. The match can get pretty heated, but it’s all in good fun as the controls are very reliable and pretty easy once players get the hang of it.

Dungeon Duos (Mario Party 4)

Dungeon Duos minigame in Mario Party 4

Considered one of the best 2v2 minigames in the franchise, Mario Party 4“Dungeon Duos” requires exceptional teamwork to win, requiring real skill and not pure button mash or luck like many other minigames in the series.

With two split screens, players go head-to-head as they perform various tasks such as moving a lever, rotating a platform, and filling a balloon. Starting in a dungeon, both players on each team must synchronize their controls with each other for maximum efficiency. The competitiveness of the minigame cannot be understated, as players rely heavily on their teammates at every tricky step along the way.

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