RDR2 100% Completion Rewards Explained: Is It Worth It?

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Red Dead Redemption 2 offers players a couple of rewards if they get the Best in the West trophy. Here’s how to 100% RDR2 and if it’s worth it.

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The scale and attention to detail found in every sedan and range Red Dead Redemption 2 they’ve made it one of the most impressive open world releases of all time, with a main story that can take around 50 hours to complete and challenges that will lead protagonist Arthur Morgan to countless misadventures. One such milestone is The Best in the West trophy, which requires players to achieve 100% completion in RDR2. So what do players need to complete to get the achievement and what rewards are earned?


RDR2‘s completist challenge is among the most tedious trophies to earn in recent memory. Players must not only complete the game’s lengthy main story, but also see many of its side quest chains through to completion. A handful of these require uncovering hidden areas and solving environmental puzzles that can take hours on their own. Make no mistake: Complete Red Dead Redemption 2 100% is only for the most hardened outlaws.

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RDR2 100% Completion: Should You?

Arthur Morgan riding a horse through a swamp while holding a rifle in RDR2

Unfortunately, The Best in the West’s rewards never quite make up for the level of effort players have to put in to complete it. RDR2 100% The trophy will only unlock two in-game rewards, but like any other completionist achievement, its main draw is endless bragging rights. Finished RDR2Ni’s story isn’t even scratching the surface of what it takes to get The Best in the West, which isn’t worth it to anyone who doesn’t want to spend the same amount of time it took to complete the story hunt. by articles

Players must complete five categories of tasks to achieve 100%. RDR2 and get the Best in the West achievement. The title allows players to check their progress by opening the main menu, selecting the “Progress” tab, and then navigating to “Total Completion”. So up; the quest towards 100% completion will take you from Blackwater to San Denis. Here are the requirements for 100% RDR2 and wins Best in the West.

Missions and Events

Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Complete everything 107 main story missions.
  • complete 10 strange quests.
  • complete 5 bounty hunter missions.
  • complete 25 Random Encounters.
  • Survive a gang ambush
  • of course 6 gang hideouts.

Strange Quests a RDR2 it can be easy to miss, and some of them even have second parts. Check out our guide to the most easily missed strangers RDR2 to make sure you don’t miss any!


Arthur Morgan holding dynamite and running away from an explosion in RDR2

  • Find any 1 Point of interest.
  • Visit the 9 Graves of your fallen comradeswhich are only available at the end of Red Dead Redemption 2’s campaign
  • Complete a set of cigarette cards.
  • find it all 30 dinosaur bones and complete the mission “A Test of Faith”.
  • find it all 13 legendary fish and complete the mission “A Fish Fisherman”.
  • complete all exotic tasks for the wasp Algernon and complete the mission “Duchesses and Other Animals”.
  • find it all 10 rock carvings and complete the “Geology for Beginners” quest.
  • complete 1 Treasure Hunt Chain.
  • find it all 20 dream catchers


Gang members sitting around a campfire in Red Dead Redemption 2

  • discover 50 animal species.
  • find 10 equipment itemslike the Lasso.
  • discover 10 species of fish.
  • discover all 6 gangs.
  • discover 10 horse breeds.
  • discover 20 plant species
  • discover 48 Weapons.


Arthur Morgan standing in a field of grass with a purple sky above in RDR2

  • it arrives level 10 health, stamina and dead eye.
  • it arrives Level 4 Bond with a horse.
  • complete all 90 challenges.


Arthur talks to Mary in Red Dead Redemption 2

  • To investigate 5 huts
  • To kill 5 legendary animals.
  • Play it all 4 board games.
  • talk to 5 special characters.
  • Take a bathroom once.
  • look at show.
  • look at Live show at the Teatro de San Denis.
  • handicraft 1 recipe.
  • Complete a Thefts at home, shop, bus and train.

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Marking all these tasks can take players more than 150 hours, as many parts to complete RDR2 100% relies on exploration and stumbling upon hidden places, events, and items. The Best in the West trophy is not for the faint of heart, and the only reward players get is a secret scene.

RDR2 100% Completion Rewards

Hosea holding a gun to someone off screen in RDR2

RDR2 it will only give players two rewards for completing The Best in the West to-do list. One of these awards may be attractive to fans of the Western series, but the absence of unique aesthetic rewards makes it hard to justify the tedium of getting 100% completion in RDR2. Here’s everything you can expect after unlocking The Best in the West:

  1. The best trophy in the west on Steam, PlayStation Network or Xbox Live.
  2. Unlock a secret scene where John Marston visits Arthur Morgan’s grave and says: “I guess we just finished my friend” like Arthur’s theme “Can I? Stand Unshaken”.

You want to see this secret scene for yourself, but you don’t want to go through the trouble of completing it RDR2 100% to do it? Check it out in HarryNintetyFour’s YouTube video below!

Compared to what is required to achieve 100% completion Grand Theft Auto 5, RDR2The Best in the West achievement is not only harder to complete, but its payoff is much worse. The main attraction to finish all there is to do RDR2 it’s boasting, so some die-hard players may be tempted to go slow on The Best in the West checklist. Still, its lackluster rewards don’t make the trade-off worth it in the end.

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